Resigning as Community Leader

I am resigning from my position as a Community Leader.

The Department of State lawyers have decided that I cannot continue in my role with the DAO while serving abroad. Their reason (I’m summarizing) is that the Vienna Convention forbids me from working in any capacity or role for an organization that could interact with the economy of the country in which I am an accredited diplomat. I am currently a diplomat serving in Latvia, and since I cannot guarantee that a Latvian won’t use the phonon protocol or trade $PHONON, I cannot continue.

I can’t say I’m not saddened by this outcome, but I plan to stay up-to-date on DAO goings on and do my best to engage in my personal capacity as a DAO member. Despite this personal setback, I am so excited for the future of Phonon!


Sorry to hear that Andrew. Your reasons are perfectly understandable, though it’s unfortunate that the DAO will be deprived of your official leadership.

Glad you’ll be able to continue as a DAO member though!

Sad to hear, thank you for all you’ve done Andrew!