Certificate Authority // Tokenomics discussion

Other than the code itself, the certification process and its related tokenomics represent the largest vulnerability to the success of the protocol. This thread is meant to start the discussion of what the working group will actually need to be successful in its task.

IMO, the purpose of the CA is to design a system that both secures the certification process and generates demand for the PHONON token.

I’ll start with a list of fields I think the WG will need expertise in, which I think is the first step toward forming an actual budget for the WG proposal:

Game Theory

This is a major lift for the DAO and all contributions and suggestions are welcome, but I think the initial discussion should focus on the specifics of the mandate itself, and personnel requirements for the group, rather than the process itself.

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One specific thing I would like to see under the mandate of the WG is to officially take over the licensing of the phonon card repo. As it stands now, the phonon card applet is not open source. Without a new license, no one can sell phonon-compatible hardware without Gridplus’ permission. I’ve seen @RockLobster mention the need to transfer licensing, but it would be nice to formalize it via the working group.

I was assuming protocol management will have its on WG eventually. Definitely something to consider tho.

Also good to see you here. I miss our governance meetings. Is there a timeframe for your return, or will I have to find someone new to spar with?