Phonon DAO Bootstrapping Group (PDBG) Nomination Thread

PhIP-00 has been approved, and it’s time to stand up our PDBG. If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else, reply to this thread with a statement about why you or they would be a good fit for the PDBG (suggested format below). The 12 nominations with the most likes by December 31 at UTC 00:00 will be moved to a Snapshot vote for approval.

Nomination/Self Nomination Format

  • Discord Name/Nickname/Name
  • Summary Experience in DeFi/DAOs
  • Interest in Working Groups:
    • DAO governance & mission statement
    • PHONON liquidity
    • Marketing
    • Road map
    • Expanding treasury to multisig


As a reminder:

The PDBG’s members would be empowered to:

  • Create an initial Infrastructure for the DAO (overall mission statement, initial roadmap, working groups, DAO delegates, etc.)
  • Motivate GRID holders to convert their tokens (i.e., the goal is to have 60% of GRID holders convert their tokens by January 31, 2022).
  • Propose liquidity boosting activities on decentralized exchanges, and explore options for listings on CEXs when necessary and appropriate (without giving CEXs undue influence over the governance of the DAO and ensuring the DAO has financial resources required for long-term operations) for community approval
  • Ensure trusted community members are added to the DAO Treasury multi-sig t o decentralize Treasury operations
  • Engage in prudent and appropriate marketing of the Phonon network to raise awareness and interest

The PDBG’s members will be elected by current PHONON holders and serve an initial term of 3-4 months. The goal would be that the PDGB will have completed its key activities by the end of Q1 2022. At this point the PDBG would be dissolved and official DAO Working Groups will be responsible for guiding the DAO’s activities afterward.

The PDBG would be empowered to engage in activities on behalf of the growing DAO community that are of key importance at this early stage, including:

  • Creating an initial DAO mission statement and proto Constitution :
  • This proto Constitution will outline how the DAO will be initially governed, how votes will be conducted, initial quorums, proposal formats, and other activities related to governance. This proto Constitution and mission statement would be presented to the community for review and approval.
  • Improve PHONON liquidity via incentive programs : One barrier to facilitating GRID to PHONON conversions is low liquidity on DEXs for the token. PDBG would be responsible for developing an incentive program, securing technical resources to implement and bringing the program to the community for a rapid vote for implementation .
  • Crafting an initial PHONON marketing campaign : The campaign would help the crypto community understand the value of the PHONON network and how they can engage. The campaign would also focus on encouraging GRID token holders to covert their GRID with the goal of achieving 60% GRID-PHONON conversion by January 31, 2022.
  • Developing an initial roadmap of DAO activities This roadmap would commit the DAO to engaging in certain activities related to integrating the PHONON token into the PHONON protocol, strengthening the protocol by incentivizing hardware users (e.g., Lattice users) to help bootstrap the network, etc. Activities should be focused on ensuring the long-term health, sustainability (maintaining control over the majority of its Treasury and diversifying where necessary), and decentralization of the protocol.
  • Expanding the DAO Treasury Multi-Sig : Facilitating the process of nominating (and securing community approval of community members who will serve on the DAO Treasury multi-sig to increase security and decentralization)

The PDBG would consist of individuals from the community and the DAO Stewards who have the bandwidth to:

  • Engage in weekly planning and implementation meetings around the PDBG’s priorities, and a willingness to take the lead on implementing in key priority areas
  • Can participate in bi-weekly community calls (held on Discord) to report to the community on activities and progress
  • Draft proposals and secure consensus on initial DAO priorities/infrastructure
  • Serve a term between late December 2021 to March 2022 , after which the PDBG would be dissolved and replaced by governing DAO Working Groups or other bodies outlined in the proto Constitution

Good luck!

  • Andrew Byrley (discord: andrew byrley.eth#6998)
  • I would view my role on the PDBG as a fresh set of eyes and a new thought process. I am not a finance person and I can’t produce quality solidity. What I can do is learn quickly, adapt to challenges, and help everyone find the best solution. I love crypto and do what I can as a hobbyist! I run a Rocket Pool validator and a Helium hotspot. I strive to be a good blockchain citizen and want to be more involved in sharing blockchain with everyone!
  • I am interested in governance, marketing, and roadmap. My personal priority is to make sure Phonon (and blockchains, in general) is used for good.

My professional background is international affairs, and I have an engineering education. I work for a major government* (my views are my own), and I have experience in governance, economic policy, and public relations.

*Caveat: My next assignment is in Latvia, and should the PDBG and/or DAO consider doing business with any entity located there, I will need to recuse myself.


Discord Name: dan m, 0xdanm, dpm.eth
Summary Experience in DeFi/DAOs

  • i have been a long time community contributor of GridPlus since 2017 and have grown with the project and team. This gives me a strong understanding of the history and the motivations that led to the conception of Phonon.
  • Aside from GridPlus/Phonon I have extensive working knowledge of many DeFi primitives and stay on top of new projects that come to light. With a background in corporate finance I can provide financial input into the move being coordinated around the DAO treasury. I also believe transparancy is key and will be looking to include a monthly or quarterly reporting of the P/L of the DAO.

Interest in Working Groups:

  • PHONON liquidity is a topic that has already had a lot of discussion and hopefully we can nail down a short term strat by the first week of 2022. After this I would like to be involved in analyzing our results and evaluating a suitable longer term strategy.
  • Marketing is super important and we will need people more experienced than I for this but I can provide content for newsletters and the general landscape of Phonon.
  • Road map being around the community for so long I want to bring ideas and benchmarks that can help us get to where we are heading and where we need to be.

Discord Name: davoice321

Summary of Experience in DeFi/DAOs:

  • Extensive experience in Web3, blockchain and DeFi since 2015
  • Significant practical experience in DAOs, including governance development, policy development, administration, structural development and other areas, including Bankless DAO, Olympus DAO, AmpleSense DAO (co-founder) and other organizations
    *Extensive practical Web3 strategic and tactical implementation experience in crypto economic and protocol strategy (tokenomics, yield farming/generation, protocol development), high-level Solidity and smart contract experience; decades-long experience in technology product development and innovation strategy (with large Fortune 100 corporates)
    **Initial hands-on experience working to stand-up PHONON DAO and active in Liquidity Bootstrapping Working Group

Interest in Working Groups:

  • Proto-Constitution and Governance Structure: DAO Delegates, on-chain/off-chain governance; contributor working groups and compensation, etc.
  • DAO Roadmap: Product development, tokenomics, incentivizing protocol utilization
  • DAO Multi-Sig: Participating in multi-sig and working to encourage additional community participation

Discord Name/Nickname/Name:

Summary Experience in DeFi/DAOs:
Long time investor in DeFi, member of a number of DeFi investment groups, background in Tech as an operator, founder and in venture and angel.

Operated/founded number of companies with 300-400X growth, now moving into DeFi full time.

Super passionate about Phonon, and want to take a more operational role, would love to learn as much as I can and help the project. Still have a lot to learn and happy to collaborate and work together with great people.

  • Interest in Working Groups*

DAO governance & mission statement
Would love to help craft a clear mission statement that is digestible by the mainstream, looking at comps like Helium.

PHONON liquidity
Already a great group, and really enjoying it. Have access to investors, LPers and CEX’s which may come in handy later in the game. Happy to be an LP myself as well.

This is related to our road map and mission statement but think we should be memeing that Phonon is the next HNT as soon as we have our LP set up.

Road map
Im not a dev, but if I can be useful in any way here, be it editing, writing copy, asking smoothbrained questions, I would love to help!


Francesco (discord: ciccio76#9599)

Summary of experience in DeFi/DAOs:

I’m an early investor in Grid+ (since 2017) and I’m a big supporter of the project since its birth. For this reason, I have a strong and clear understanding of the evolution of the Phonon project.

I have matured a vast experience in DeFi projects, Blockchain projects, DAOs since 2016

I’m involved and I have funded many Web3 projects and DAOs including Gnosisdao, Daostack, and SuperrareDao. I actively participate in the governance and voting process of several DAOs and for this reason, I matured a significant experience of the DAOs functioning mechanism and strategy.

I’m also currently a Ph.D. student in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. In this course, I’m running a research project on DAOs governance technology in order to discover innovative solutions for improving DAOs performance that could be useful for Phonon growth as well.


Discord name: Dcc

Defi/Dao experience: Used to run cex/dex arbitrage on Etherdelta in 2017 and have continued using Defi protocols ever since. Been a seed investor in Nexus Mutual and a few other European projects. Haven’t really been involved in the Dao space aside from providing product feedback for Dxdao on Omen and protocol voting.

Didn’t participate in the Grid+ ICO but have followed the project and owned tokens since 2017. Used to run a macro hedge fund portfolio but been managing my own capital for a few years and thus able to allocate a decent amount of time to helping the initial set-up of Phonon. Am not quite as all-in on Phonon as JustAnotherBrick but decently aligned…

Happy to get involved in all working groups as and where it makes sense / is needed.


Dcc has had valuable insight in the prior liquidity meetings. Would definitely want to see him involve!


Discord Name: CryptoPeebo, AKA cryptopeebo.eth

Summary Experience in DeFi/DAOs: Honestly, only 1 year of extensive research and hands on experience. Early investor in Luna ecosystem, including UST, MIR & ANC tokens. Liquidity protocols, yield farming, mint/burn, etc. However, I also have over 20 years of TradFi experience including; credit, mortgage lending, cost basis analysis, and most recently over a decade as a portfolio manager ($1 Billion in AUM, stock & bond ETFs, tax loss harvesting, Roth conversions, cash flow management, retirement planning, etc.) Series 7, 63 FINRA licenses, CFP & CTFA designations, MS in personal financial planning. Purchased a Lattice1 three weeks ago and believe there is limitless upside growth potential. No other project is similar to this one! Converted 100% of GRID into this DAO a week ago. Experience in NFTs via OpenSea and Rarible. Currently infatuated with Web3 and the possibilities in that space.

Interest in Working Groups:

  1. DAO governance & mission statement: For the DAO to gain momentum and attract investors/assets from the TradFi space - we need to somewhat appeal to that audience as well. I bring the best of both worlds: significant TradFi experience combined with Crypto/Defi/DAO ambition.

  2. PHONON liquidity: IMO we should model our liquidity platform similar to that of TerraLuna. Will need some sort of stable coin, perhaps associate airdrops to incentivize a long-term hold, eventually other coins that have specific use cases and dapps could branch off of PHONON as more widespread adoption occurs. May not need a bridge between blockchains. I know we can transmit P2P, but could also incorporate those inflows so that it is more widely accessible.


Discord Name: Petko Todorchev, petaka18

  • i have been early investor in many crypto projects including gridplus (since ico).
  • Aside from GridPlus/Phonon I have extensive experience in many blockchain project as i have been involved in the ecosystem since 2016.

Interest in Working Groups:

  • PHONON liquidity
  • Marketing

UPDATE: We are extending the nomination deadline to January 6 at UTC 00:00. Happy holidays everyone!


Discord name: force_of_nature

  • Summary Experience in DeFi/DAOs
  • launch member of moloch, have worked on design of some early dao implementations

Extensively studied and kept up on lattice1 design, phonon design and potential use cases. Confident in technical understanding. Have designed and implemented other complex technical systems. Much more focused on design / early implementation rather than scaling proven technologies.

  • Interest in Working Groups:
    • DAO governance & mission statement
  • yes
    • PHONON liquidity
  • yes
    • Marketing
  • i think memeing should potentially be its own working group. i can assist on writing / editing
    • Road map
  • strong views on which projects that dao should invest in. These may be counter to current zeitgeist for phonon. Preference is nearly always towards what can be shipped near term that can be impactful, rather than multiyear projects
    • Expanding treasury to multisig
  • no interest, i would however be happy to proxy any votes i have to trusted community members such as dan, alpaca or justin

This is definitely what I want to hear. I’m a PHONON maximalist, and I think the road to all of the far-reaching high-concept stuff runs through the “get something viable running ASAP” valley.

I would join the meme group in a heartbeat.

  • Discord Name/Nickname/Name: Phononymous

  • Summary Experience in DeFi/DAOs:

No DAO experience other than Phonon at this time. I have used a number of DeFi platforms and have been involved in Grid+ since its inception.

I believe my usefulness to the DAO is in my ability to translate highly technical and conceptual information into plain English. I also believe that I understand tokenomics and what is required for a token to succeed and can help strategize toward our goal of a successful PHONON token.

  • Interest in Working Groups: All
  • Discord Name/Nickname/Name: Tim Coulter#8850

  • Summary Experience in DeFi/DAOs

    • I’m an Ethereum OG. I started my exploration into blockchain in early 2015, and built Truffle, a popular Ethereum development tools suite that’s been downloaded millions of times. My experience went from Dev → Founder → CEO → General Manager, the latter being an executive role with Consensys after they acquired Truffle. I’ve since left to become an advisor, to help teams build, deploy, and manage blockchain applications and protocols.

      I’ve used all manner of DeFi applications throughout my time in the blockchain industry, including everything from trading, lending, market making, and farming – you name it. I hope to build a new protocol one day, if I can ever find the time. :wink:

      I’m an angel investor, investing early in blockchain startups whose visions I connect with.

      I’m one of the Phonon DAO Stewards, mostly contributing in a technical capacity. In the last few weeks, I helped review the smart contracts that power the current deployment of Phonon, as well as helped build the PHONON redemption interface.

      Lastly, I’m one of the signers of the Phonon DAO multisig (as tjc.eth).

  • Interest in Working Groups:

    • My experience is highly technical, and I think that’s where I can provide the most value. I’d prefer to contribute as much as I can across all working groups, rather than be tethered to just one. That said, were I to choose, I’d love to participate in the road map discussions as well as talk phonon liquidity. (Honestly, I’m of more use when discussing the roadmap, though would love to be a fly on the wall for Phonon liquidity to learn from all of you amazing folks.)

      I appreciate having the opportunity to help how I have, and I hope to be of even more service in the future.


Truffle is super dope, welcome!

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Discord Name/Nickname/Name:

Justin Leroux | GridPlus#7146 AKA Rock Lobster AKA Midnight On Mars AKA Many Other Dumb Pseudonyms

Summary Experience in DeFi/DAOs:

While not DeFi / DAO specific, I’ve been playing with crypto since the earlier days of Bitcoin and in 2016 Ethereum totally consumed my life. It became my full time career a few years after when I joined GridPlus and helped organize ETHBoston.

The Phonon protocol was conceived of by Dr. Karl Kreder who published the spec and coordinated its initial implementation over the past two years, but I have driven the initial efforts to set up the DAO and coordinate the upgrade of the GRID token to PHONON to put this protocol into the hands of the community.

I am confident in the potential for this technology and am driven to see it take root on both personal and professional levels. I’ve staked my own resources and reputation on giving this protocol the shot it deserves.

I have skin in the game and its not difficult for people to see my PHONON holdings via my ENS name. I was both an original GRID presale and crowdsale buyer and have what is, at least on a personal level, a meaningful amount of my crypto holdings in PHONON and a vested interest in seeing this DAO thrive.

I’m a jack of all trades and master of none. I have been so focused on what we’re building at GridPlus that I am no longer on the cutting edge with DeFi and DAOs right now, but I’m better versed in these topics than many and have an intimate knowledge of the protocol and helped shape the proposed tokenomics which I believe will give the DAO the tools to take Phonon from the alpha stage to protocol of systemic importance.

Interest in Working Groups:

I will contribute as best I can to all working groups, but I think I can contribute most meaningfully to the DAO Governance / Mission Statement and Road Map groups.

For the Liquidity, Marketing, and Treasury Management groups I will contribute as best I can but I hope to leverage the expertise of other DAO members who have deeper skillsets in these areas.

  • DeFi_Dad#6286 / DeFi Dad

  • I’ve been in Ethereum since 2017 and have worked full time since 2018 for ConsenSys, Zapper, and now Fourth Revolution Capital investing in and supporting DeFi and web3 projects built on Ethereum. I have also been a part of countless DAOs and early DeFi protocols as an early user and active/vocal member of the community since 2019, including the likes of Nexus Mutual, Curve, PoolTogether, Zapper, Aave, and more. I continue to be an advisor, angel investor, or community member through my involvement at 4RC in key teams like The Defiant, Zapper, Aztec, zkSync (Matter Labs), BarnBridge, POAP, EPNS, and Charged Particles.

  • Interest in Working Groups:

    • I’d be most keen to help with framing our mission and communicating that to the masses of DeFi/web3 users, including marketing and community building. I also am keen to assist on how we bootsrap liquidity using the bleeding edge DeFi protocols.

Sorry team, having to take back my nomination. The year’s started in a crazy fashion on the day-job front and I’d not want to let the Group down through lack of bandwidth or take away anyone else’s spot (if I did make the shortlist).

Thanks for all who supported the nomination and all the best to the others in the mix.

Will ofc continue to be involved to whatever extent I can.