PhIP-02: Formal Approval of Phonon DAO Bootstrapping Group Members

Title: PhIP-02: Formal Approval of Phonon DAO Bootstrapping Group

Author(s): Davoice321

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Submission Date: 1/6/2022

Summary and Motivation

As per PhIP-00, the DAO approved the formation of the Phonon DAO Bootstrapping Group (PDBG) with the following duties and powers.

  • Create an initial Infrastructure for the DAO (overall mission statement, initial roadmap, working groups, DAO delegates, etc.)
  • Motivate GRID holders to convert their tokens (i.e., the goal is to have 60% of GRID holders convert their tokens by January 31, 2022).
  • Propose liquidity boosting activities on decentralized exchanges, and explore options for listings on CEXs when necessary and appropriate (without giving CEXs undue influence over the governance of the DAO and ensuring the DAO has financial resources required for long-term operations) for community approval
  • Ensure trusted community members are added to the DAO Treasury multi-sig t o decentralize Treasury operations
  • Engage in prudent and appropriate marketing of the Phonon network to raise awareness and interest

The PDBG will consist of individuals from the community and the DAO Stewards who have the bandwidth to:

  • Engage in weekly planning and implementation meetings around the PDBG’s priorities, and a willingness to take the lead on implementing in key priority areas
  • Can participate in bi-weekly community calls (held on Discord) to report to the community on activities and progress
  • Draft proposals and secure consensus on initial DAO priorities/infrastructure

It is estimated that the PDBG will be in place from January - late April 2022. After this point, it will be dissolved and replaced by governing DAO Working Groups or other leadership bodies outlined in the proto Constitution.

The DAO has the option of extending the term of the Working Group, via a Snapshot vote, if necessary.

Community-Nominated PDBG Members

The community went through a process of nomination/self-nomination for the PDBG. Twelve community members and DAO Stewards received support from the community to serve on the PDGB.

The proposed PDBG members are listed in the table below, along with their responsibilities:

PDBG Member Core Responsibility
davoice321 Governance, Product Roadmap, Multi-Sig Community Rep
Dcc Liquidity/Tokenomics, Product Roadmap
Justin Leroux Governance, Product Roadmap
Dan M Marketing, Liquidity/Tokenomics, Product Roadmap
Tim Coulter Product Roadmap (Technical Liason), Liquidity/Tokenomics
Mickey Marketing, Liquidity/Tokenomics
Andrew Byrley.eth Marketing, Governance
DeFi_Dad Marketing, Liquidity/Tokenomics
Francesco Governance
phononymous Liquidity/Tokenomics
force_of_nature Marketing Product Roadmap
CryptoPeebo Governance, Liquidity/Tokenomics

Governance Vote Period

A Snapshot where PHONON holders can formally approve the PDBG membership will begin now and end on January 10, 2022. Snapshot

Snapshot Vote Text

  • For: Approve Phonon DAO Bootstrapping Group Members
  • Against: Do Not Approve Phonon DAO Bootstrapping Group Members