Conditional Conversions

A number of people have popped up looking to convert GRID even though the official period to do so has been closed. Personally I don’t love it, but as an act of good faith I’ll support some measure of amnesty for the GRID token holders who have simply not kept themselves informed regarding the status of their investment.

The process I propose is as follows:

GRID token holders will send their full GRID balance to the DAO treasury.
Accounts that hold GRID that has not moved since 31 Dec, 2021 will be reimbursed with PHONON at the original 1:155 rate.
Accounts that hold GRID that has moved between 1 Jan, 2022 and the official conversion deadline of 17 Dec, 2022 will be reimbursed at a 1:100 rate.
Accounts that hold GRID that has moved since the 17 Dec, 2022 deadline will not be eligible for reimbursement.

I’m not ok with the DAO taking care of people who have been arbing an asset they didn’t know anything about. I will vote for this or some variation of a plan that seeks to not leave long-term GRID investors out in the cold.

Feedback? I plan to put this to an official snapshot some time next week.


This seems fair to me. Barring a convincing argument as to why this is a bad idea, I would vote for this plan. Thanks for taking the time to think this through, Rooster!

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I also agree this seems fair. I would also vote for this plan.


I would support this. This shows continued good-faith from the DAO but not an open-book to those who could have been more involved.

has there been any updates on this?

I wholeheartdely comprehend, value and appreciate the fact that you’re always looking out for people and acting out of sheer good faith.

It’s inspiring and it even makes me realize that i’m rather mechanical, factually and mathematically orientated.
Thank you, truly.

However, i for one am completely against overturining something we had previously decided and voted on based on one simple concept :

  • precedent

If we decide to overturn the vote and open exceptions, where does this end?
What’s gonna be the next vote we’re gonna overturn?

How does this impact the value of your governance tokens?

If tokens held = governing power and we’re considering not only over-ruling a previously established and complete vote but also further dilution thru a ratio reimbursement conversion:
what’s the actual value of you’re governance shares?

Sorry, despite seeing that this is an obvious attempt at extending an olive branch towards those whom might’ve forgotten, overlooked, or missed the constant announcements which were made throughout an entire year at:
coingecko, twitter, discord, discourse, telegram and all the other places where communcations where enabled:

it’s a hard no plain and simple.
Proceeding with this sets a bad precedent and discredits the dao, the voting system and should not be allowed.

Did a decision ever get made on whether we can convert our Grid using this method ?