Thoughts Lost on DIscord

I’m creating this post as a way for any community member who sees and interesting comment or idea that is mentioned/discussed on the DIscord. Often times it is hard to keep up with conversation if you step away for a day or even a few hours.

This thread will be used as a running way to post these topics as a way to keep track of initiatives.

Your comment can be kept brief, just give a brief overview of what was discussed and the url link to the initial comment that sparked the discussion.

Ex. Messages being lost on discord. (Discord)


Thanks I like this idea.

I’ve proposed this in the past on Discord. But think we need to have Grid do a weekly twitter campaign to remind users the need to convert to Phonon. Possibly also update their website and documentation.

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I agree, great idea! I’ve seen and heard some good ideas, but after a few days they can get lost in one of the feeds or embedded somewhere deep in Discord. I know I had 2-3 that I still feel are relevant, I’ll try to extract those and upload here in the near future. Thanks Dan :pray:

Lately i’ve been thinking about writing a discord “transcription-like service bot”; – one governered by general keyword selectors which could render a full discussion of said protocol.

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Grid conversion progress came up in the PDBG meeting earlier today. This is a “lost thought” that I think could lead to a higher conversion rate…

“I’ve been brainstorming how we can drive more Grid conversions and had a sort of epiphany this morning. It has elements of the normal “halving” coin schedule (like BTC) in combination with an early conversion adopter incentive. My idea is this: current conversion ratio is 1 GRID:155 PhononDAO tokens right? What if we built out a graduated conversion scale that creates a time value for early conversions? Meaning - if conversions are done before the end of January, then token holders get the 1:155 split. For Feb, maybe it is reduced to 1:145, then March - something like 1:135 and so on? This organically motivates GRID holders to convert sooner than later. Some may hold out and speculate on the price of GRID rising, but the longer they do - the more risk and less PhononDAO coins they will ultimately receive. This would also align with a 15-18 month draw down target (cutoff for GRID conversions). It’s a long enough time horizon that GRID holders will have sufficient time to research and understand the offer in order to make an informed decision. Similar to a spin-off from M&A activity or a tender offer on the TradFi side. I’m not wedded to that timeline nor the conversion reduction delta (-10 Phonons/month), but it’s one way we could structure it.”

1/11/22 Discord link in pdbg channel


This is a great idea. I support it. I think it will need to be coordinated with the Grid team in communication that they have these tokens and the need to convert.


Appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. I’ll get something together.

Agreed. I regard the 1:155 ratio as quite … high.
If this does not pass to a vote my thoughts are: cut the ratio further. Whomever hasn’t yet converted after testnets will only get a 1:100(honestly i’d go down to 80).
Then again this has to be cleared by gridplus for as, the initial ratio has probably been put forward based upon a credible valuation.

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I’ll have something together by EOD tomorrow