RFC: Economics Exploratory Group


  • To create a plan to diversify the DAO treasury.
  • Regardless of the current product state, having a sustainable and yield generating treasury structure puts the protocol within a position where the token can also be considered an investment (regardless of the underlying tech)
  • Once structured correctly and actively managed the possibility of launching vePhonon and/or other vote-locking, escrow, staking & rewards mechanisms becomes easier


  • Commission a report with multiple pathways to achieve a diversified DAO treasury.


  • 5 days after the snapshot vote passes.


  • $500 equivalent in PHONON to Rake, DCC, Super Synapse and Rooster.

Hopefully we get this posted and passed ASAP. Thoughts?


thoughts? i think this is long overdo and i appreciate you for making this officiail.
Having a sustainable, active and managed economic framework is crucial for sustaining succesful operations, furthering processes, integrating new tools(ve/vlPhonon models), optimizing the overall product timeline and outsourcing the things we might not be best equipped to deal with interally (regulatory, compliance, legal…)

Looks good, I would just say lets see if anyone else is interested in joining. I’ve posted in #general chat in discord. And I will bring it up after tomorrows meeting as well. Would love to see if we have some great minds sitting on the sidelines that can help us.

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I’m down for sure.

Is the conversation we were talking about pertaining to how much ETH or USDC/Dai/USDT or even potentially cash is being held?

I’m open to everything.

I’m down to start on this now, I think the first step is preliminary research, then we can come up with some concepts, do an open meeting to take temperature, then finalize some package options that the DAO could vote to enact.

Btw excited to talk about it. Just had a great convo with Tuesdays, and some really good ideas for directions we can go.

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I’d love to be a part of this effort too

Love it enough to do it for free, or would this raise the price of the report to $2500?

So let me get this straight. Only you guys are getting paid now? Why?!?!

In this economy, almost nobody does anything for free bro. Dad truth. If that somehow makes me less benevolent of a person, that’s your problem bro. Isn’t it like the pot calling the kettle black though if you are getting paid and then busting my balls about wanting to also be compensated appropriately?

You young bucks need to learn some respect for your Elders. We actually may know a lot more than you in this particular area. Tokenomics, Liquidity, Treasury Diversificstion. I can do this shit in my sleep! Great TradFi book called “After the Trade is Made”. Easy to throw stones from a glass house filled with ineptitude for market mechanics and liquidity pools. Sorry Roost, this is my wheelhouse and you don’t stand a chance against me homey. Read up on my designations bruh, I’ve been through the TradFi gantlet and I’m armed and dangerous with knowledge. Have some respect you little shit!