Hiring Nate @eatsleepcrypto

This proposal is to allocate $9,000 worth of PHONON to Rake in order to contract Nate @EatSleepCrypto in an advisory role focused on potential partnerships and tokenomics.

Nate quoted $3,000 worth of PHONON for 10 hours.

Rooster will be charged as the go-between with Nate, and Rake will decide whether to renew the 10 hour retainer up to two times, wait, or return the funds to the DAO.

Any funds remaining at EOY 2022 will be returned to the DAO treasury.

Can you share some context on the proposal - what would he be advising on? Looks like @EatSleepCrypto works with tokenomics?

here’s Syn’s notes from the meeting.

Main focus for Nate will be to help us design flywheel effects for the token so that the more people use phonon, the higher the token price gets. Also he’s going to be able to get us in front of more people who can advance the project, both on the financial and technical sides.

I think everyone in the meeting was on board with proceeding, the energy was great and he definitely knows his stuff.

I read through the notes and seems like he referred a lot to the order of operations, governance then tokenomics. Also some highlights about the token value. What is his area of expertise? I found his website, but it’s rather limited: https://eatsleepcrypto.com/.

Side question: why is this proposal for $9000 usd if he quoted us $3000. For a possible 20 more hours?

Personally, I’d like to see a SOW from him, or some outline of what 10 hours would focus on and other projects he’s consulted on, ideally with any impact that can be seen from his consulting. And, if he’s consulting, we may want to discuss who and how his suggestions will be implemented.

Side question: why is this proposal for $9000 usd if he quoted us $3000. For a possible 20 more hours?

Yes, for option on the next 2. If we’re very unhappy with what he does for any reason, the funds would be returned.

Tokenomics and operations generally.

What he focuses on would be for us to decide. Partnerships is definitely a part of the first 10 hours, and I’d prefer he bring us ideas for tokenomics that incorporate the PHONON token into the actual use of the protocol.

How do we capture his advice? Will there be a report with recommendations?

he works in 10 hour blocks. if you think it’s a good idea to have some of that time go to a report I’d consider it.

Ah ok. Probably wouldn’t want him devoting a lot of time to a heavy report. I would just be concerned that, with time, we may lose some of his advice/insights if we don’t write anything down.

we will certainly write things down

To update this and keep in theme with some of mickey’s ideas on governance, Rake is going to hold the keys and will decide if/when to renew the retainer. I’m updating the prop to say so.