Development of the Phonon Community Involvement Fund

I propose launching the Phonon Community Involvement Fund, which will engage and reward community members. With the upcoming BETA release and our new website and documentation now live, the aim to expand our reach. As our products mature and become more complex, I believe we will rely more on our community to deliver quality educational content, creative artwork, and even code.

My proposal involves setting aside 50,000,000 Phonon or 2% of our treasury to be distributed to community members who bring value, contribute, and help us build for a period of six months. I believe this is a strategic and high return on investment (ROI) use of our treasury, which will be pivotal in driving Phonon’s growth to the next level.

The plan is to define specific tasks or “bounties” that we deem valuable, and community members can claim them through our Discord channel. Upon completion of these bounties and our approval, community members will receive a pre-set reward. In addition to specific bounties, we will also open up opportunities for open-ended submissions.

If successful, we can request additional funds from the DAO to continue the program. If not, the funds will be returned to the multisig.

To facilitate this program, I propose that three managers manage the multisig, which requires two out of three signatures to pay out. The directors of the funds will receive a reward of 5,000,000 Phonon per manager, paid in halves after three and six months.

The rewards from the fund can be used for various purposes such as meme contests, medium/substack articles, tweet threads, interview leads, high-volume tweets, videos of Phonon, Discord management, social media management, and other activities that push our product forward.

I will be one of the managers on the multisig.

In summary, the Phonon Community Involvement Fund will engage and reward community members who contribute to our growth, and I believe it will be a significant milestone in our journey to success.

Would love to here feedback and any of those that would like to help participating in management.

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This, in conjunction with a pointed marketing campaign, could begin to build a wave this project needs. I would be interested in a management position or helping to create bounties, do projects, etc. This seems like a worthwhile endeavor much in line with what Phonongod had in mind with his G-Unit campaign.