RFC: Initial Compensation for DAO Contributors

Every organization has bills to pay, and we’re overdue to compensate those that have already been actively contributing to the DAO over this past month.

I’d like to throw out some suggested amounts for feedback from other DAO members. My personal philosophy is that we should skew allocations to the generous side for all of those that have invested effort at this early stage.

I think all payments should be in PHONON tokens. If someone pops up in multiple categories I think they should be compensated for all of those things cumulatively.

This list is off the top of my head as I write this in a single go through. I’m sure I missed a lot of meaningful contributions here – please don’t take offense! This is why I’m doing this as a conversation starter: once I get some additional input here I’ll rewrite this as a formal proposal to be voted on. I also think a formal proposal should include the liquidation of 1 ETH worth of PHONON to cover DAO transaction fee costs for the immediate future since members are paying these out of pocket.

Unless otherwise mentioned these are one-time disbursements intended to anchor the value of future contributions. The spot price for each PHONON at the time of writing is approximately $0.01.

If those active in governance with other DAOs have suggestions, I’d love to see both how they’re paying from treasury and what approaches they’re using to value contributions.

Community Management:

This includes not just actively setting up and managing the Discord but going above and beyond in other ways that are not neatly categorized.

DaVoice has stepped into a coordination and leadership role that goes beyond being a PDBG member and has really made a positive difference. Dan M is getting involved in many many ways including setting up the community Discord. Senor has not only helped with moderation is doing a lot of cool extra things for the community including creating the Phonon Discord bots and creating a a custom Phonon emoji set.

DaVoice - 400,000 PHONON
Dan M - 200,000 PHONON
Senor - 200,000 PHONON


Whether you love his posts or hate the 4chan lingo, PhononGod is writing about the project daily and spreading the word far and wide. Dan M has been writing a useful write up of Phonon DAO news, The Phonon Brief, which he shares via Twitter, substack, and now on the DAO’s blog.

PhononGod - 200,000 PHONON
Dan M - 200,000 PHONON


Without Mariano Conti and Tim Coulter this DAO would not have launched. Talented Solidity devs are an incredibly scarce and valuable resource and I can’t emphasize how lucky we are to have these two involved with Phonon DAO.

On November 4th I suggested $25k in GRID at the current spot price (then $0.49) to Mariano for writing the token contract, upgrade contract, and vesting contract used by the DAO. That’s 51,020 GRID which comes out to 7,908,163 PHONON. If anyone has tried hiring a solidity developer for contract work, you know this is Mariano doing us a favor.

Tim Coulter wrote and published the exploratory code review and caught a material issue with decimal placement in the original conversion contract which was fixed prior to deployment. He also set up the token conversion portion (web3 connection to the contract and user interface) of phonon.network .

Mariano Conti - 8,000,000 PHONON
Tim Coulter - 4,000,000 PHONON

Phonon DAO Bootstrapping Group:

This crew has been instrumental in driving things forward. I think, as long as this group is needed, there should be ongoing monthly compensation of $2000 in PHONON per month.

I know that the accomplished by different members so far varies, but I don’t think we need to debate the minutiae of it - that’s normal and we’re just picking up steam. We can reassess this amount as needed moving forward. Mickey and Andrew in particular have gone above and beyond in creating organizational frameworks for collaboration.

Current Members:
Justin Leroux
Dan M
Tim Coulter
Andrew Bryley
Force of Nature

DAO Stewards:

This group has been providing feedback to the DAO without any sort of formalized compensation since spring of 2021. It may not all show, but we would not be here today without this group. I originally drew this crew together myself out of people whom I trusted, considered ethical and reliable, and had a meaningful skill to contribute to this endeavor.

Since launch, some have been more visible that others in our community channels, but all continue to contribute in some way which includes providing technical insight, spreading the word with their social media reach, and sharing their valuable networks with the DAO.

It’s in all of our interest to give this group skin in the game and align their long-term interests with the DAO. I originally proposed compensating them on a two year linear vesting schedule, with continued unlock at the discretion of the DAO to ensure that if the community feels there is an issue it can collectively decide to halt compensation.

I am proposing that each gets 5M PHONON (~ $50k USD) vesting over a two year period as described in initial posts. It’s not much right now, but they each have skills to contribute that can help Phonon DAO get traction and thrive and they should be incentivized to stay engaged and help see that small amount grow meaningfully.

Initial DAO Stewards are:

Alpaca Fan
Mariano Conti
Tim Coulter
DeFi Dad
Dan Mueller
Jonny Rhea
Evan Van Ness
Anthony Sassano
Cyrus Younessi


I think this is good. A lot of my own efforts (e.g. the Token FAQ) have been under the umbrella of my roles in the PDBG.


Thanks for pushing this important topic forward. I appreciate you acknowledging the work of people who have jumped into help get this started.

I don’t have any concerns/issues with the compensation proposed.

We can take this up during our next PDBG meeting.


Hugh thanks for this, Justin! These amounts all look good to me, though I wonder if some sort of ongoing payment for media/content creators would be better to encourage continued creation. Not that I think phonogod or Dan are going to stop, but it could encourage others if they see the possibility for steady income. Playing devil’s advocate to my own idea, we don’t want to encourage low-effort products that are chasing a per-post-payment.

It feels a little weird to vote for my own compensation (not saying I don’t want it :grinning:). In a perfect world, I’d like to see these payment categories split up so that I can vote for others and recuse myself from a vote that would benefit me personally.


I totally agree that the community management disbursements should be paid out on an ongoing basis and that we should focus on rewarding long-term contributions over low effort one-off bounties.


I like it, let’s put it to a vote to become effective Feb. 1st (and the 1st of every month after that)

I also think those who make daily Discord contributions should be incentivized. (Phonymous is one who has been working his ass off!) Perhaps an additional $1k allotment of Phonon for those who are level-10 or above on Discord now, and then the bot can calibrate separate criteria moving forward (for March, April, etc)? I completely agree with bounties and project work, but maintaining the day to day excitement in Discord is also a major catalyst for the Phonon movement. Especially for random Q&A for prospective investors and future DAO members.


I second the motion.

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Thanks yeah that’s what I am trying to show newcomers - that our Discord is active and engages with new people.


It’s a clear value add. Thank you for being so engaged in the project!

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I’ve just casted my vote on snapshot…(though i fear i’ve been one of the few who’ve done so.[from recollection there’s only about 14[15 including me] votes up there);
– granted, the proposal has 100% pass but still…thought we’d like to have a more active and engaged community

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