Phonon Roadmap Poll

This is to start a straw poll to determine what the DAO considers the highest priority action items to put on a roadmap.

Add your suggested action items below, and the poll will be created for the weekend.


Upgraded website
KeyDEX (Phonon Protocol and Cross-Chain DEX)
Changemaker/breaker service (likely to be integrated with DEX)
NFT Marketplace
e-pass marketplace (Phonon x Ticketmaster)
Phonon P2P Mercantile Network (partnerships with merchants)

KuCoin → Coinbase Listings
Podcasts and AMAs
Targeted advertising (e.g. top 100 defi influential people, top 100 VC influential people, etc)
Crypto conference attendance (DAO members elected to attend, expense paid)


These are great and I agree with most of them. @Reddest_Rooster do you want them all together like this or separated one by one to vote on? Or do we take these and drop them into a snapshot of some kind.

put em all in one and I’ll sort it for the poll. Also consider doing it in 6-9-12-18 month timeframes.

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Proposal: I propose migrating a portion of the treasury over to Polygon (Matic).
Time frame: Next 3 months.


1. Bounty pay outs will be cheaper - Give those that want to receive bounty on ETH at a lower amount so the DAO doesn't have to pay for gas.
2. Allow for more users to buy small amounts of Phonon to get involved with and help the DAO
3. When Phonon hits production users will be more likely to give it a try with a cheaper transaction cost to try it out vs on ETH or BTC.  This also goes for any KEX and NFTs.
4. Cheaply develop NFT's for the community.
5. Cheaper to setup LP's.

I would like to add three tokenomics/marketing items:

  • Incentivized voting on our Snapshots. Every wallet that votes in every snapshot is eligible to receive up to 100,000 PHONON. Wallets must be registered by a Discord member in advance, to avoid gaming. Working group leads/DAO leaders, etc, are not eligible.

  • Twitter giveaways: Governance. Give away x number of PHONON tokens via Twitter a week based on random draw of the likes and RTs of the main DAO account tweet. This should then be paid into a staking contract wherein the tokens can be used for Snapshot votes but cannot be unlocked for 6 months on a rolling calendar. EDIT: This would only be a 1-time campaign for bootstrapping.

  • Governance staking: Allow people to stake their tokens for x+ months in return for a 10% (example) premium in voting power.

Short term (1 Month)

  • Animated video explaining the Phonon Network and the future possibilities
  • Create a documentation site ( using Gitbooks or something similar
  • Community NFT

Here are my proposals:

  • Analysis and/or proposal on staking gov tokens to have a say in governance.
    • Something similar to Curve Voting Escrow
    • What would be the steps to implement something like this?
    • What are the pros/cons?
  • Working more closely with the team from quswap to determine the feasibility of partnering with them and/or integrating Phonon DAO Token into the project.
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