Voting for Four New Multisig Wallet Holders

Following on from the DAO Treasury Multisig Signer Nomination Thread, the time has come to vote for four new multisig wallet holders. In the below poll, you may vote for up to four nominees. This vote will stay open for 7 days, at which time the top four will be moved to a snapshot vote. Admittedly, there are a lot of steps here, but this is an important endeavor, and we want to make sure we do this methodically and properly.

The nominees have been listed in reverse alphabetical order.


Discord: Yeenoghu#4278

I am applying to help a project with a ton of potential to be a game changer. I have been in crypto and cybersecurity for 10+ years and would love to help a great project succeed and stay secure.

Involvement: Lurking on Discord, keeping up with technical details of the project, holder of PHONON tokens.

Qualifications: Cybersecurity professional with 10 years experience working in government and commercial spaces. Passionate about crypto and blockchain technology and security, and looking to expand skillset into blockchain security. Can offer secure networks and multiple offsite backup locations with varied geographical locations, depending on use case. Based in the Washington, DC area.


Discord: Savi#0538

Reason for applying: I am a large holder and believer in Phonon DAO ever since Alan Orwick pitched to to me at an ATX DAO event. After seeing Dr. Karl Kreder present the idea of actual digital cash, phonon, I knew that it was the project that I would try to get involved in as a young college student at UT Austin.

Describe your involvement thus far in the Phonon DAO: So far I haven’t got to do anything for the DAO but keeping up with all the updates and telling everyone I know about phonon is what I’ve been doing.

Qualifications - What will you bring to the multisig group?: Currently I am the Corporate Communications manager at the Texas Blockchain Club at UT Austin. I have connected with a multitude of crypto/blockchain companies/enthusiasts all of the country. I have an internship at a Crypto/Web3 VC firm, Steel Perlot, this summer, meaning I’ll be in LA/NY.


  • Discord handle: Mickey
  • Reason for applying: Active member working on the project, would like to ensure there is an another active member on the multi-sig
  • Describe your involvement thus far in the Phonon DAO: Active PDBG member, working on Comms daily,
  • Qualifications - What will you bring to the multisig group?: reliability (daily, active member), owner of Grid+x hardware, known member to community,
  • We are looking for reliable individuals who will not otherwise conspire to steal the DAO’s money. Doxxed to key members of the DAO.
  • Diverse geographic locations would be desired for timing and security. Located Western Europe (starting early April 2022)


  • Discord handle: hinchy.eth#7765
  • Reason for applying: Already obsessed with Phonon DAO. Would love to become an active member of the multisig.
  • Describe your involvement thus far in the Phonon DAO: Dev kit owner, daily discord user, posted suggestions around asset specifications to the forum & working on NFT integration into the web app with @senor.
  • Qualifications - Defi native & experienced at key management.
  • Location - East Coast, Australia


  • Discord handle: Davoice321
  • Reason for applying: Interest in helping to facilitate Treasury implementation and management of the DAO.
  • Describe your involvement thus far in the Phonon DAO: Active member of the PDBG, working on economics, product, governance, operations and other key areas.
  • Qualifications - Experience as a multisig signer via my own DAOs and other organizations (AmpleSense, Bankless (former), reliability owner of secure hardware infra (Grid+)
  • Geographic Location:: Located in Eastern U.S

Bannan Tarr

Self-nomination: Banan Tarr

Reason for applying: To provide the DAO with a more robust multi-sig while not adding extra delays.

My involvement thus far: Active PBDG member, community engagement in Discord and Twitter, infographic creation, participation in the brainstorming process for basically every aspect of Phonon, bug bounty program framework, etc

Qualifications: Located in Alaska and not planning on stealing DAO funds?


Self-nomination: AZOR in discord. Greenwich meridian.

I solemny swear my utter distrust in controlled and oversighted systems which serve the goal to silence the free will of mankind. I believe our work here serves the higher goal to provide one of the corner stones that will give back to humanity the responsability to handle their own life. I may not be your blockchain specialist from day one, I wish I was but my eyes didn’t open at that time. Nevertheless I’m working to provide the ultimate perfect secrecy proof that quantum communication gives and I aim to give my will and skills to diversify and further Phonon’s goals. Being part of the cybersec community I eventually got my hands into crypto, diving deeper I ended up knowing about Phonon and couldn’t believe how I didn’t think of this system myself.

Today I want to bring my stone to this building, which will be part of history. Together we’ll build a world for everyone to live in if they wish to. We will pave the way for the next generation to strive on. This is our chance, let’s take it together.

Andrew Byrley

  • Discord handle: andrew byrley.eth#6998
  • Reason for applying: I want to help ensure the security of disbursements from our DAO Treasury.
  • Describe your involvement thus far in the Phonon DAO: I am a member of the PDBG, where I have taken a lead in helping design our governance structure. I have also drafted blog posts, the FAQ, the process to expand the multisig, etc. Finally, I am a mod in our discord, where I am an active, daily user.
  • Qualifications - What will you bring to the multisig group?
    • I believe myself to be reliable, and I take good care to protect my wallets.
    • Starting summer 2022, I will be located in the Baltics (UTC +2).


Self-Nomination: 0xWinger

  • Discord handle: 0xWinger#1093
  • Reason for applying: I am an active contributor and governance participant in multiple DeFi projects. I have also been involved in the crypto space since 2015. Although I only just found Phonon recently, it is a project that I have been waiting for for a long time. And I believe it deserves attention and trustworthy members for it to reach its potential.
  • Describe your involvement thus far in the Phonon DAO: Up to this point I may just be known as the person asking silly questions… But, I’m catching up quickly and actively learning as much as I can. I’d like to increase the quality and frequency of my contribution and engagement and bring a practical voice to the project.
  • Qualifications - What will you bring to the multisig group? Active member, willing and available to communicate, and able to think independently for any signature request worth consideration. I may be a conspiracy theorist but I have no intention of conspiring myself. Central Standard Time.

Please feel free to ask me anything. I’d be happy to answer any question to provide confidence in your vote. :goat:

Please vote for four:

  • Yeenoghu
  • Savi
  • Mickey
  • Hinchy
  • Davoice
  • Bannan Tarr
  • AZOR
  • Andrew Byrley
  • 0xWinger

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0xWinger had me at consipiracy theoristy.

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