"Phonon Phrens" - Community NFT

This post is just a brain dump to start a discussion. I’ll make a more formal proposal if the community thinks this idea is worth pursuing


I believe creating a “Phonon Phrens” NFT project is a cost effective method of marketing and community building.

  • Hate it or love it, people love promoting their bags and joining a “tribe”. Testnet participants are potential PHONON holders / community members. An NFT provides an outlet for this desire.
  • Demonstrates a use case of the Phonon Network. The NFTs can be distributed privately using our network which is POC for DAO bootstrapping.
  • We have some influential players in our small community. A co-ordinated twitter PP campaign could get people talking and asking questions (I haven’t spoken to anyone or had any commitments).


  • Deploy an ERC721 contract that allows an address to mint if they can provide a signed message from the contract owner containing their address.
  • Generate X number of phonons and sign a message for each.
  • Deploy a simple website that allows users to connect their wallet, get their signed message from an allowlist, and mint.
  • For each testnet participant that completes a predetermined number of tasks, send them a phonon that when redeemed will give them the ability to mint.
  • The DAO can also decide in the future to give valued community members an NFT by creating a new phonon and updating the allow list on the website.

The Art

Obviously art is subjective so I expect a lot of opinions here. That being said, I think many would agree that an obvious mascot for PhononDAO is a goat. There are already goat themed NFTs but if we go down this route I think we can find an art style that makes ours unique.

I personally like the art styles of Cool Cats and Doodles. I think they have a futuristic vibe that fits PhononDAO well.


I am happy to handle the development of the contract and website however I would like some input into the website design. I’m sure we can source that from the community.

The two expenses I see are

  • Deployment of NFT contract - $300-500 at current gas prices
  • Art - How long is a piece of string?


  • What do we think is an appropriate budget for art? Is there anyone in the community we can get involved?

  • What should the max supply of the project be? I suggest 500 as this gives us about 40% for the testnet participants and the remainder for future community members.

  • Do we only want to reveal an NFT after it is minted? This adds a lot of complexity but it is something that can be explored if the community thinks it is worth doing.



love the thinking. some quick thoughts for now:

  1. considering test-net is like, next week, I’d suggest we hold off attempting to deliver a community NFT in time for test-net. The benefits and potential are obvious - and the art shouldn’t be rushed (i know I’d want to throw a few specs into the hat to be considered). I’d say let’s get planning, drawing and building now in time for a main-net.

  2. for test net, let’s get a POAP together. we could have @Phononymous whip something together. I think you can release a POAP only to specific addresses, so your wonderful idea on delivering the key to the POAP via phonon can still be executed.

  3. as for (future) community NFT:

  • I would not cap it. like nouns, I’d let the supply be as large as it needs to be/becomes as the community grows.
  • I’d vote for revealed, or a combination (like every 10th ID is not revealed, and is only discoverable at mint). This way it increases the likelihood that NFTs stay in the phonon network, rather than getting redeemed. The combination could create some fun …

Good points @Senor.

  1. I agree. No need to rush this out. It sounds like the DAO will have records of which cards completed which tasks. Testers can be sent an NFT phonon after we launch mainnet.

  2. Awesome. Let us know if you want to get involved @Phononymous.

  3. I love the nouns concept. The biggest problem I see is the deployment cost. I looked at their setup a new months back and, if i remember correctly, their deployment cost them many many ETH because everything is on chain rather than IPFS. I’ll have another look into it. If we decide to go the “traditional” off chain route a no cap is possible but will be a little messier. It will involve changing the baseURI when the cap is hit. Not the end of the world though.

The most important part for the NFT sector is low costs…