Nathaniel Maile Dao Leader Nomination May 2023

Hello, My name is Nathaniel Maile and I am running to be the Dao Leader.

My discord handle is nate#9826
My DeFi/DAO experience is limited to my involvement in the Phonon DAO as a developer on the phonon protocol since day 1
I am applying because we are currently without leadership and I am best positioned to run the project at this time
The minimum compensation I will accept is $0
I have a full-time day job, which eats 40 hours per week. Beyond that, I have no additional obligations beyond the bare minimum to survive. I can apply as much time to the project as necessary.
Other experience: I was in charge of the GridPlus Phonon implementation team at the time of the team’s dissolution.

See my un-official announcement in the #general channel in the Phonon discord on May 17th 2023

Thank you for your consideration.

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There’s only one thing i’d change here.
Regardless of your previous involvement or it being a symbolic amount:

  • $800/month in Phonon Tokens.

the DAO Leader Position (just like any other position held within the DAO) must be incentivized.
This ensures not only that the efforts be rewarded but it also impresses upon those who have fixed positions a certain sense of accountability.

You have my full support provided that this is a paid position.
we will hold you accountable and the monthly remuneration is how we get you to hold yourself accountable.