Additional Community Leader Nomination

  • Discord Handle: Reddest Rooster#4738

  • Summary Experience in DeFi/DAOs: I’ve been invested in the space since the original DAO hack. Phonon is the only project I’ve participated in, but I’ve participated eagerly.

  • Reason for applying: Recent discussions about how to go about community management lead me to believe there will be disagreement and controversy from time to time. Having a third community manager to settle disagreements with a vote that doesn’t require us to call the whole DAO council seems to be of great benefit. It does not make sense for the low-hours positions to have to make more work for the high-hours positions of Dao leader and wg lead. Specifically I’d like to create a mandate to explore and further define the governance process we use. This should be an ongoing process, and I would consider it part of the community manager role if I were to be elected. Mostly I will try to be the straw that stirs the drink, being open and available to everyone.

  • Describe your involvement thus far in the Phonon DAO: Mostly I annoy Rake.

  • Qualifications - What will you bring to the DAO as a Community Leader? I love this project and I love the people on it. Even the ones I’ve butted heads with I’ve consistently managed to find common cause and at least a bit of affection. I have excellent people around me whose advice I value. I have years of hands on experience with conflict resolution and a knack for picking fights when it is necessary.

  • Confirmation that the applicant can commit the time required for the position; Other projects they are working on: The only thing on my plate other than phonon aend daily ablutions is convincing my girl to quit school and go on a cross-country road trip with me. I plan to invest time in this role far beyond the minimum requirement.

  • Anything else you would like to share?

  1. You don’t annoy me at all.
  2. You do a lot more and are an active participant of the community; attending every and all meetings regardless of your involvement or knowledge of the subject at hand; – out of sheer curiosity.
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My vote is for Rooster

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I would encourage you to not jump straight to a snapshot. If we think the DAO needs a 3rd Community Leader, then let’s follow the procedure we’ve already defined. This would allow anyone else who may be waiting in the wings to have an equal opportunity at election.