Marketing: Mission & Vision

It used to take 3 minutes to explain Bitcoin or ETH, now it takes seconds. This happened over years of refining, building and co-collaboration. This is a continous process, not a “one and done”.

Phonon DAO’s PBDG group met and discussed the need to formulate a clear mission and vision statement to help attract developer talent, grow the community and give clear common goals, and common stories to the DAO.

We are carving a statue out of marble now, and our process for collaborative design here starts with dumping the thoughts of the DAO (internal ones) into a single place. From there, we will start refining and most importantly, testing mission, vision and sales pitches of the Phonon Project.

Here is the outlined process:

Step 1: Register into the Phonon DAO Notion using this link
Step 2: Take the Marketing Survey Use this as an opportunity to write down your. thoughts and to let them marinate.
Step 3: Take a look at the draft Mission & Vision page here. This is a page for us to write down test vision, mission and elevator pitches for the protocol and for the dao. This page will be where we vote on the best ideas to test first, and to record results. Step 3 will not happen until step 2 is complete on Jan 26th.

Step. 4. Test the ideas, talk to friends, post on twitter or forums, talk to a wide variety of potential customers, developers, DAO members. Go back to the Mission and Vision board and refine, rinse and repeatl.