Suggestions for Initial Phonon DAO Marketing Strategies

I wanted to share some ideas with the marketing group to spark discussion.

First thing I want to share might sound corny, but I believe it to be critical: substance, transparency, and honesty should be the cornerstone of all marketing efforts.

Building a solid reputation can take years to accomplish and it can all disappear in an instant. We’ve got something very exciting in our hands, and being honest about its strengths, weaknesses, benefits, and tradeoffs with zero exaggeration puts us ahead of 99% of all of crypto.

Phonon has tremendous potential. No short-term boost in recognition or token price is worth jeopardizing perception of the project when we’re all involved in the early stages of something that could be huge.

The best thing we can do is be helpful, welcoming, transparent, and honest. Taking the time to share what you’ve learned and what you’re working on in a clear and understandable way with no expectation of anything in return is how you build a sustainable foundation for a community.

Doing this wins long-term allies and contributors who are proud of what they’re working on. One talented person sticking around and making a positive difference in the long-run is important.

However, we’ve still got to get the word out to attract these contributors and capture their imagination.

Here’s where I think we should dig in first:

Establish Concise Uniform Messaging

As we continually refine our messaging through blog posts, conversations, the DAO constitution, and the FAQ, we should soon be at the point where we have concise uniform messaging for summarizing what Phonon is, why it is unique and useful, and what we hope to collectively accomplish.

I think the in-progress FAQ is a logical spot to use as a “single source of truth”. It should be the go-to spot for when any of us get asked something on Discord or social media channels and want to provide clear messaging without starting from scratch.

Content Marketing

I think this is where should all lean in the most in the early stages. This category covers not only content created and shared by DAO members.

Members should be incentivized to create blogs, newsletters, educational video content, as well as social media content for as many mediums as possible including less likely avenues like Instagram and TikTok.

We should also begin reaching out to podcasts, community AMA hosts, and more to start spreading the word daily.

Content Marketing Suggestions

  • A lot of great content never gets in front of a sizeable audience because teams don’t avail themselves of all of their existing channels. If you frequent the PhononDAO subreddit, check in on the Discord’s Signal_Boost channel for content to share. Sharing content across all these outlets maximizes impact with just a tiny bit more group effort cutting and pasting. We may want to set up a shared google spreadsheet for posting content links and checking off which mediums they were shared across.

  • Walk before running. Shoot for numerous smaller outlets first instead of investing a huge amount of effort into one or two big appearances. For example, smaller podcasts are hungry for great content and have communities that genuinely appreciate when people take the time to talk to them about something cool. This will let DAO members refine Phonon messaging in response to feedback, improve SEO, bolster visibility, and help win grass roots allies AKA new DAO contributors.

Business Development

In short, partnering with other mutually aligned groups. I think the biggest opportunity here may involve treasury management, liquidity incentive programs, and other groups who champion personal financial sovereignty and privacy.

These efforts not only have practical benefits, but expose and link us to other communities where we can demonstrate that we’re excellent partners.

Community Building

Our forum and Discord are critical channels for others to learn about what we’re doing and get involved. It’s an area where each and every one of us can make a meaningful positive impact every day. I don’t think I even really need to outline much here because we’ve attracted a particularly thoughtful and talented core group already and we just need more of what we’re already doing.


Instead of talking about moonshots, lets roll up our sleeves and dig in on the basics. Let’s nail down messaging, focus on content marketing, start spreading the word through as many small appreciative outlets as possible, and consistently coordinate within the DAO to amplify individual efforts.

This is just meant to be a starting point for the next few weeks and is not an exhaustive list of options by any means, but if we just put one foot in front of the other there is ample opportunity to gain major visibility just by taking one small step at a time.


This may sound lame but I think it would be good to advertise, and to have a small advertising budget.


  • Run a Reddit ad campaign, to subs like r/cryptocurrency, that we’re looking for developers who want to earn money while building something incredible.
  • Start small and iterate based on ad impressions and clicks
  • e.g. maybe only $50/day for a week, then stop and evaluate.

I know CoinGecko has a banner ad spot too that might be worth trying. Again in the sense that we’re looking for developers and others to join the DAO

Going to cross-post some thoughts here from the communications working group chat on the Discord.

But I’d like to dissuade us from using things like display ads at this time. If we want to allocate a budget to something it should be to community members, because we’re not yet posting existing content everywhere. We need to cover our basics before trying to get to the next step, but we really haven’t laid a sustainable foundation yet.

My Discord comments (with a few edits for clarity):

We can budget for any plan people have. Partially this is covered with the ongoing categories for graphic design, writing, etc… if PhIP-04 passes and we can adjust those numbers as needed going forward. These categories cover the core of what’s needed for marketing already.

In terms of a future budgeting proposal, we wouldn’t need to put every expense up for a vote, but if we can outline planned advertising expenditures then we could set up a rough ongoing budget that is regularly dispensed from the multisig.

I really can’t emphasize enough that just paying for advertising is usually a black hole and the cost of CPMs relative to their click-through rates is pretty abysmal for this kind of endeavor. We are a small group and take a personal approach which I think is more important at this stage.

For example, with podcasts, this is a friendly community, we just need to DM people and get scheduled for the most part. Reaching a few thousand people and a new community each time is likely to be way more valuable than a single high exposure podcast for a broad audience. As it stands now, the protocol and its benefits are initially hard for people to understand and need better materials, more writing, etc…
I don’t think any community reps or protocol designers are at all ready for a huge podcast just yet, but yeah, if the opportunity arises I certainly wouldn’t advise against going for it.

The other is just the coordination piece - we’re not using tour existing channels yet. For example, a subreddit needs at least a handful of active mods posting content from others sources. Right now ir/ PhononDAO looks empty but we’ve had a lot of content get shared since the last time it was posted. Not having a channel is probably better than having an underutilized one because it creates an impression of neglect or lack of interest. With just a few minutes a day we can get content generated cross-posted across tons of outlets. If the community isn’t yet actively sharing content everywhere, we should definitely compensate community leads / mods for each of these channels to maximize the benefit of each.


First off, not corny at all. I share the same beliefs but my thoughts on the matter are that transparency and honesty extend far beyond marketing and are, in essence, the cornerstone of moral virtues and the foundation for what creates a self-accountable; morally responsabible individual.
(In a perfect world, the same principle should extend to government,companies, entities, llc and all endevours which compromise a collaborative effort to accomplish something.)

As such, my opinion in regards to the initial thoughts you’ve outlined can probably be infered from the statement above.(If not, I completely agree, there’s no value in jeopardzing any of the project’s future for mild, short-term profits).
Doing so, would be detrimental to the technology and an insult to all the work which has been put in and done.

To that extent, i’ve got no clue why anyone would start from sctrach. As you’ve stated, the documentation, blog, FAQ and all content which has already been created is there for a reason and should always be revisited when any one of us is sets out to write something.

In regards to the marketing strategies and reaching out; is it too much if instead of reaching out to podcasts we’d setup our own ? (I know the space is crowded but i think people would get a kick out hearing the inner workings form the Doctor himself… while also hosting informative content on the side[be it market data, product reviews or any form of educational content;
– the kinda of content that after listening not only sparks creativity and curiosity but also creates a sense of “i’ve learned something” within people.

In order to attract more talented individuals one needs to create a sense of necessity. Even more so when, i am of the opinin that: the meritocracy, of talented developers is mostly driven by challenges and solutions which require: not only relentless effort but also creativity.
IMO, merely profits themsleves aren’t enough. Don’t get me wrong; i love making money just as much as the next person but money earned is much more fufilling and rewarding than easy profits.

This is especially true in order to maintain a sustainable long-term commitment to ongoing developmnent. We chase after: “Whats next?”, “What will get me outta bed” and more importantly, “what keeps me up at night…”.

These are simple examples which in reality, are a reflection of my own process.

Though being a both a rationally-minded, analytical and creative person does pose its fair share of issues. Such as: having clearly defined goals and staying on track (especially given our current situation where we’re all kind’a isolated).

Again I can only speak for myself here but having a clearly defined framework of what projects to begin with, what expectations we all share and eventually, where we’d like to end up; would surely be a meaningful starting point.

I feel the need to reiterate that the words above are merely a reflection of my thoughts. That no matter where we’d agree to start off or what expectations you all have as initial projects and/or “guerilla-type marketing” outreach programs, there’s one thing i can assure you;
– I always over-deliver and relentless effort is probably the hallmark of my entire being’s constitution.

(sorry i juggle between several tabs, tmux panes and windows; had initially posted this within the wrong discussion.)

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Perhaps due to the high gas fees, the PHONON/FRAX pool in Sushi on Eth mainnet has not seen much volume. The PHONON/WETH pool in Uni v3 on mainnet is seeing a little more traffic.
To offer a better UX with faster and cheaper transactions, I propose that PHONON is bridged to Gnosis Chain via OmniBridge and a liquidity pool is bootstrapped with a long-term mining campaign in Swapr, giving dual rewards to LPs in the form of PHONON and/or GNO, SWPR tokens. The campaign can be gamified by locking a portion of the rewards and tying it to a goal targeting TVL in a range, using Carrot.eth.

Phonon/Frax on Sushi definitely hasn’t been hugely successful but I’m doubtful that gas fees are the issue - more a lack of general awareness. Swapr volumes on Gnosis are anaemic - 7 day volumes of less than $10k for most coins. I like the ethos of DXDao, own some Dxd and have used Swapr but they are terrible at marketing their own product and am pretty dubious of the benefits of this idea. An argument could be made for fostering links to an aligned community but that is about it imo.

Swapr is not a competitor of Uni, Sushi… it is a permissionless public good.
Inside Swapr, traders route and execute trades on other AMMs if there’s deeper liquidity offering less price impact - at no cost, it’s a free service.
Swapr offers users a trust-minimized and censorship-resistant frontend hosted on IPFS and matched to an ENS domain controlled by a decentralized organization. In contrast we have people trust, with billions. The Uni censorship, the Miso and Badger exploits?

1inch also aggregates liquidity from Swapr on Gnosis, Arbitrum, and Eth Mainnet

Would we be open to a summer marketing intern vs finding a more advanced marketer?


Do you have a candidate in mind? Sorry I missed this before but I think something like this could be really interesting with the right person, especially if they’re already into crypto and know the landscape.