Contagion - spreading the word of phonon

The team behind phonon is gifted in many regards, especially from a technical perspective. They are also woefully incompetent when it comes to marketing. The lattice1 would likely have a much larger footprint had there existed a significant focus on marketing early on. Justin has done great things for the team and getting the lattice1 into the world. He will likely do the same for phonon.

How do the collective we want to share the gospel of phonon with the following communities:
general crypto space
privacy focused groups

The message seems to be different based upon which group we want to reach. There should exist different forums to educate the different groups. Phon/ongod will be on the twitterverse and will post longer form thoughts elsewhere. The goal will be to educate at a highish level across many different categories. Targeting other write-ups and content for specific group engagement seems logical.

What can you do? What can we do? What content form is best to share the message of phonon? Phon/ongod will write. Others should make videos and of course memes. Please feel free to take all of thine writings and post them wherever you believe they will have a positive impact on humanity.


I like a general tack of “seek someone highly placed in these fields and convince them personally”. Draft a dream team of podcasters, politicians and influencers and actually onboard them. Ideally get them owning lattices and using them.

I’ll start the target list with Adam Curry and John C Dvorak of No Agenda podcast. Their community probably has a lot of people who will appreciate PHONON protocol from a technical standpoint. I see this as a potentially huge leverage point for something as nascent as PHONON. Their reach is small, but their network is tight knit, and their values overlap heavily with the project. The first real wave of outside PHONON development could very well flow from their pool.

Writer Michael Malice embodies that same pirate spirit, without the technical background but reaching 100k+. He is smart enough to onboard, a career anarchist, and generally hilarious.

In the same vain spiritually, but not politically, lefties like Jimmy Dore and Matt Taibbi would be good people to have in our camp. Both have the reach and will to take up the cause against mega-surveillance.

Rightwing politically Rand Paul and Madison Cawthorn would have to be on board eventually, but first things first.

It seems perfectly in the spirit of PHONON to leverage these and other existing networks in growing the project. As PHONON’s capabilities grow we can expand and adjust our social targets, but early on I think it’s smartest to focus on connections that improve our reach along lines of trust. All of these podcasters have been on Rogan. Taibbi and Malice probably have a great array of international contacts in exactly the types of places where crypto-security is needed most. I’m sure everyone in this project can think of some individual they know whose reach expands the network in some unique way.

Andrew Schulz, Dave Portnoy, Lil Duval, Tim Pool, Bridget Phetasy

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Give it out for free on social media through contests: make people share posts to receive free crypto if they win the draw. pay large crypto influencers to share it and promote it.

I think the “why” of the project isnt quite crystal clear. We need more every day use cases, why should the average crypto joe care about the project? Why did it get built? So many hours and so much talent went into it, we need to tell the story of it. Id LOVE to help with this, have a background in marketing and sales and would love to produce some great content.

Its sort of like when you invent the automobile, and someone asks you what you are building, you say, oh I have used this new carburetor tech and combined it with this piston tech, using carbonized plant matter to rotate this revamped wheel tech. Instead you want to say, “ive just changed the way people will be transported forever”. We need crystal clear storytelling.

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I agree. I’d also love to see a charitable aspect to it. Perhaps a way to help the unbanked and impoverished?

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I agree with you completely. I just drafted this tweet last night:

I’ve spent the majority of my career in the developing world, and I’ve seen the difficulties faced by an unbanked society.

Why I’m excited to help spread crypto…

… and $PHONON. Studies show that 83% of adults in developing world have cell phones, while less than half are banked.

Imagine a world where the SIM in each of those phones provided a hardware-secured means to transfer crypto at no cost. True digital cash.

I still need to throw some more hashtags and buzzwords in there. I’ve only got like 10 followers, so I may as well scream it into my closet, haha.


Love it! Sounds like we are on the same page.