RFC: PhIP-07: Light Updates to DAO Governance Structure


The goal of this proposal is to make light edits and clarifications to the governance structure that was approved under PhIP-06. If this RFC is approved after five days, I will move it to Snapshot for official approval.


A few parts of our governance structure are missing details (e.g., how long to keep Discourse polls open) that should be clarified. Additionally, the quorum is currently too high. I am advocating that we remove the quorum now, but that it only be a short-term solution. We intend to prioritize a staked-token governance process, which will ultimately change the Snapshot/quorum dynamic.

Synopsis of Changes

I put together a google doc with changes tracked so that you can see the edits within the document. Here is a quick synopsis of the changes:

  • Remove the summary and any other references to the document being a proposal
  • Add a note that Working Group funds should not be used to vote in Snapshot polls
  • Add a question to Working Group Lead nominations about how they will administer funds
  • Add a note that Working Group Lead Discourse discussions should be open for at least 5 days and have at least 5 votes
  • Remove the quorum and note that a simple majority is sufficient for election votes
  • Change DAO and Community Leader Snapshot poll lengths from 7 to 5 days

Next Steps

After this poll is open for 5 days (and assuming it passes), I will move the proposal to Snapshot for another 5 days. If the Snapshot is approved, we will immediately adopt the new changes.

Do you approve of these changes?

  • I approve of these changes
  • I disapprove of these changes
  • I like the idea, but would like to provide feedback first. See my comment.

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