Welcome to Phonon DAO - Start Here!

Start here to get a quick understanding of how the governance process works!

  1. Open discussion surrounding any ideas and action the DAO should consider can be discussed in the Meta-Governance section.
  2. Once you believe an idea should be brought to a vote head to the Gathering Consensus section to discuss, debate, and work on the creation of a proposal. At this stage you can reach out to Discord admins to schedule a community call surrounding the governance proposal.
  3. Update the Gathering Consensus post with the community feedback.
  4. Make a Formal Proposal for an action the PhononDAO should take or how it should operate.
  5. Create a snapshot proposal. This action will require a minimum amount of PHON. Then for this vote to be deemed valid at least X PHON will have to participate.

To find our rules and how to structure a formal proposal head here.

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