Phonon Governance Forum Rules

Here at the Phonon DAO forum we dedicate discussion strictly around governance. Relevant topics include:

  • Governance Proposals
  • Proposal Discussions
  • Treasury Management
  • Site Feedback

Topics not the place for:

  • PHONON price discussion
  • Off topic conversations

For hardware help, price discussion, and off topic coversation around phonon head to the Discord.


Proposal Structure

  • Title: [Enter Proposal Title]
  • Author(s): [enter name(s) of associated authors]
  • Related Discussions: [paste link here]
  • Submission Date: [Enter Date]

A simple description of the proposal’s end result and desired change. Give us a TL;DR on your proposal; no more than 2-3 sentences.

Explain why this proposal is necessary or useful for the protocol. The author is encouraged to add visual elements such as charts to support their arguments. What problems will this proposal address/solve?

Introduce and explain the proposal. Highlight key points on how the proposal will improve stakeholder/tokenholder experience, protocol performance, and the overall implementation process

Tell us how this proposal will advance the ecosystem, Provide any disadvantages that could come form this.

Polling Period
The polling process begins now and will end at HH:MM UTC on DD/MM/YYYY. After this, a Snapshot vote will be put up at HH:MM UTC on DD/MM/YYYY.

For: Action taken if this proposal is accepted.
Against: Action taken if this proposal is rejected.


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