Manifest Destination: Preamble

Manifest Destination:

You are reading this post because you are a part of something. That something, is both one thing and many things simultaneously, and is something different from one individual to the next.

Like quantum mechanics, the mere act of observation changes a phenomenon. And like the slit experiments where Phonon has derived its very name, your observation, and your participation, and indeed your behaviors have formed Phonon DAO (whether you realize it or not).

This elixir of global change we call Phonon has a key ingredient that you, and only you can bring to it. It is somewhere within you, and it is my job to help you find it, harness it and bring it into the fold. That might be something very big, or something very small, regardless, without it, our formula is incomplete. Like a potion in a cauldron, we need every part of the formula to cast a spell.

Your contribution, and the contribution of the many talented people, will take us to a place beyond our wildest expectations. It is commitment, determination and togetherness that get us through choppy waters.

Your presence is course-setting in this community. We, quite literally, wouldn’t be the same without you. We need your talents, and the talents of many others to get us to our destination.

My Commitment
I commit to helping you unlock your talents, to ensuring you are treated fairly, and that we get to where we need to go.

Identifying The Destination:
When a boat sets sail from New York Harbor, a 2-degree shift in its course, over time is a monumental shift in course when looked at in the aggregate, even though at the time, it may be hard to notice. A 2-degree difference in course can be the difference between landing in The UK or the Arctic Circle. It is the element of time that makes things that seem small become very apparent.

Our destination cannot be looked up in a book because we are writing the book. It must come from us. We must manifest it, from our collective consciousness, from that elixir and into the ether.

But the benefit is, that when we define our destination, we will activate a magnet that will attract the very people we need to get to where we want to go. That 2-degree shift we make, will over time, be a seismic one.

Manifest Destination Part 1:
So how do we hold our course together and keep this ship moving towards our destination?
Step 1: Define and Specify Our Destination.
Step 2: Agree on the Atomic Habits That Will Get Us There.
Step 3: Build Teams, Work Together.
Step 4: Improve. Repeat.

These may seem like simple steps, but I assure you, you will have a lot of work to do to accomplish them. I can promise you that if you give everything to achieve these goals, that some incredible things will happen. Every step of our journey is important, every step is meant to be. From being confused to being certain, these are just a continuum of learning and understanding that all of us are collectively undergoing.

Today I will post in another thread our plan for our first step in our manifest destination playbook. It only works with your participation; it only becomes an elixir with your unique contribution, otherwise its just a fancy soup.


DAO Leadership Goals:
Below are our goals for the next 41 days:

By Sept 30th:
Mostly agree (consensus) on our mission, vision, destination (for ourselves individually and Phonon).

By Oct 31st:
Technical roadmap mostly done, community roadmap and bounty boards up and running.

This Week Calendar of Events:
Sept 19th: Verbal Branding Guide Review
Sept 20th: Interfacing with Hats.Finance
Sept 20th: Weekly Comms Meeting: (Discuss Mission & Vision)
Sept 21st: Beta Kickoff Call
Sept 23rd: Product Call
Sept 23rd: Mission and Vision Share

This Week:

  • Over this next week I ask you to think about your own destination with Phonon, and what you see yourself doing with it. What is your commitment?

  • I ask you to share those thoughts, or any related thoughts here in the forum discussions, so that other people who want to do the same thing you do, have someone to connect and work with.

  • Read the Manifest Destination Part 1 Thread (will post it later today) and add to it.

  • This Friday, we will go over our shared thoughts in Discord.

lets have some fun and get to work. :pinched_fingers:


Great post, great energy! Looking forward to these next 6 weeks, I feel this is a great time to make progress with the implementation and then capture a larger share of the mindset of the crypto community.

I also love the well-defined action plan, which is a sign of a well functioning leadership mindset. There is a lot to do but as long as the path ahead is clearly visible and communicated, progress is virtually guaranteed.

Good job Mickey!

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Nice one, Mickey. I think this is exactly what the DAO needs at this time so thanks for stepping up

I am available full time to work on DAO projects or projects within the ecosystem. My speciality is MVPs. Currently I’m writing a Javascript library for interacting with phonon cards and a basic wallet that demonstrates how it can be used. Although for the moment I am very occupied working on the library and wallet I will be looking for my next project soon. I would really like direction from the DAO on what I should work on or how else I can help. Some ideas are

  • Start writing developer documentation
  • MVP NFT wallet for trading and viewing encumbered and native NFTs
  • MVP “Phonon bridge” implementation [Idea] Pegged Phonons
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Hinchy, so much appreciated, and I ask myself often how do we find more Hinchys! What do you think was the path that got you to Phonon, after you found it, what made you stay and help build things? Btw, all the stuff you want to work on is crucial, we can talk more in detail about that at some point later.

Congrats on your new role!

Looking forward to seeing this evolve and helping out where I can.