Phonon's Verbal Brand & Communication Style

Title: Phonon’s Verbal Brand Guide
Author: @Rush#3634
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Submission Date: 8/29/2022

A guide for reference when communicating about Phonon, The Protocol and the DAO. Specifically, of the verbal variety and addressing the common concerns related to Nameology.

The purpose of this verbal branding, one similar to organizations’ visual brand guides, that often include logos, color palettes and instructions on using graphic elements, is to (ideally) help the DAO become more cohesive and consistent while describing itself and the project. With many occurrences of members re-writing and doing double-work of, for example, a description of the project, this guide can be used as a quick tool to get a message across–one that we all can agree on and stand behind.

This guide covers verbal branding for naming conventions (orthography), the DAO, the Protocol and the ERC-20 governance token.

It will help coalesce how we all speak and provide a general sense of direction when discussing Phonon, as in, when a DAO member is communicating to the external world as a representative of the DAO in general. The cons of this document are that it could be difficult to get many voices to all agree on what to say. Also, as language is an evolving organism, this guide may easily become outdated as the Phonon project moves through its natural stages of progression.

Polling Period
After consensus has been gathered, it may be considered to put the guide to a Snapshot vote for official adoption by the DAO and thus, to live next to the visual branding guide found here: GitHub - PhononDAO/brand-assets. This will be ultimately determined from the responses during this period. The consensus phase will remain open for the duration of the Alpha Testnet, which ends on October 1, 2022 at 23:59 UTC.

Please comment, argue, agree, disagree, suggest, support, or what have you on the various areas covered in the presentation. Nothing is set in stone and anything can be modified. What is proposed is hopefully just a starting point for more conversation and further discussion on the matter.

Link to Phonon’s Verbal Branding Guide

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Everything to me looks really solid and love it.
The only thing that I would want to change is the Tagline/Slogan on page 8. Can we Reuse the same one on page 3? I think page 8 is the only time we mention crypto, and probably would like to keep it asset agnostic.

I agree with keeping it agnostic. But I really don’t like the “Building Below the Blockchain” Not really sure what that means? Maybe this needs to be part of a larger discussion for a tagline? Personally I prefer something that indicates “Off-chain, P2P transactions” with a bigger emphasize on “Off-chain”. How to say off-chain with crypto is tough. Something like “Hardware secured, Peer to Peer off-chain transactions”?

Maybe a whole other route of “Use Any Digital Asset Like Cash”

Yes something like “Phonon is off-chain cash”. Try to make it a verb like googling. For example "I’m going to Phonon this asset… "

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One tagline for them all. I reused the page 3 line on page 8. This makes sense until @clamato 's comment below can be addressed.

Building Below The Blockchain surfaced from a call back when Karl was involved and tried to hit on the sub-levels that Phonon works on, Layer Zero or whatnot. It’s a bit ambiguous though the alliteration does work for me. There has always been an open discussion about a tag line without any definitive resolve to it. It may be a branding element that isn’t important now so I’ve put an asterisks on the deck next to it so it’s open for change in the future.

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