Proposal: White Paper Working Group

There was some discussion on the discord about how, despite there being several posts and pieces of information about the purpose of Phonon, and uses of Phonon, there has never been a formal white paper written up to support and explain the project.

In talking about getting a white paper written, I offered to help bring several people together in order to get this task accomplished, including Reddest Rooster, Mickey, Andrew Byrley, and myself.

Edit*: Reddest Rooster has elected to drop out of this endeavor, due to his desire to write a paper that doesn’t align with the traditional definition of a white paper.

My own experience is more in academic writing. I have a Master’s, so I’ve got years of writing academic papers behind me. And the traditional white paper layout is very similar to an academic research paper.

Frankly, I’ve been reading other white papers to get a sense of their outline and flow. I’ll use that to write up an outline for ours, including what kind of information we need for each section, and maybe the type of sources as well for some of them.

I think I would be best suited to aid in writing the history and problem-solving sections (as in, what problems does Phonon solve) section myself since those aren’t as technical as how Phonon accomplishes those things.

Having a dev and the other experienced members of the team will help with getting the technical portions completed. Though it also helps that a lot of the information we need is on GitHub and other places like the Pheverdreams. Rooster offered to help gather and collate a lot of that information for the group so we can have our sources ready.

And then once we have drafts of everything it comes down to editing for flow, working out the segues from one section to the next, and how the whole paper flows together to a conclusion.

Required info:

Discord Handle: Hawkins #8443

Involvement Thus Far in Phonon DAO: I’ve been around for about a month now and participated in quite a few discussions on discord and the forums here about Phonon governance proposals and the way forward. Looking to become more involved, and figured that given my experience writing academic papers, this might be a good way I can help the project.

Proposed Working Group, and Description: Myself, Reddest Rooster, Mickey, a Core Dev, and Andrew Byrley.

I am familiar with the project, but my other cast members will provide detailed insight into the workings of Phonon and best ways to describe it, while I will both contribute to the writing of the white paper, help bring all of my group member’s expertise together, and edit the paper into something that explains the history of Phonon, it’s purpose, and the way it accomplishes that purpose.

Working Group Goals:

In the next 6 weeks we will have completed an official white paper for Phonon that explains where Phonon is coming from, the benefits of Phonon, as well as how it accomplishes its goals.

Week 1: Gather materials/sources for the white paper (both internal and external, to explain where the project is coming from, the current crypto environment, and how Phonon solves current and future problems). (During this time I will work up an outline for the paper)

Week 2: The team will come together to divvy up portions of the paper based on the outline I propose, and begin working.

Week 3: Writing up each proposed portion.

Week 4: Editing each portion for content and clarity by sharing amongst each other.

Week 5: Bringing each portion together and editing the entire document for flow/coherence.

Week 6: Final edits and checks.

Budget Required to Meet Goals: $5000
Working Group Lead Compensation: $1250
Team Member Compensation: $1250 x 3

How will you administer funds: I would suggest that 1/3 be given out to team members up front for their work on their project, and the remaining amount be distributed upon completion.

Why is this working group needed now? The fundamental document for most projects is their white paper. When serious investors want to learn about a project, most gravitate towards the white paper and what it can tell them about the utility of the project. This makes the white paper of Phonon of paramount importance and utmost necessity.

How does this Working Group fit into the Phonon DAO Long-Term Strategic Plan? If it doesn’t, how should the Strategic Plan be updated? Any and all long term strategic plans for the DAO include a cohesive and strong white paper for the project. While we have a lot of information out there describing the project, we do not yet have something that brings everything together into one cohesive document to be read by anyone.

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Totally agree with the Whitepaper as a vital piece of the community to communicate key elements of the protocol, glad the community wants to get this done. Would like to see Karl and/or some of the Devs who have been building on Phonon to help author the paper. Right now, I feel like thats a big hole in the team, suggest trying to add them to the team, and getting commitments from at least one of the core devs before proceeding.

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Happy to add any of the devs who have time and are interested in helping! Just need them to touch base.

Thanks for putting this together! I agree that it is important to work on this project. I also agree with Mickey re: the need for devs. In addition to having dev input to drafting certain aspects of the white paper, we will probably need to budget in (both time and money) for a “technical review.” If you can’t get any of the gridplus team to commit right now, you might want to just add in a little extra money for “tech review” and we can figure that out when we get to it.

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Thanks for the input!

Happy to revise and add a section for ‘Technical Review’ but can you provide any guidance as to budget for that?

I’m just guessing, but I think $1,000 is a good start. It might be worth hopping into the #developers discord channel and asking for their feedback.

@mickey @Reddest_Rooster @AndrewB I’ve edited the proposal. If you’ve voted, please re-read the proposal and confirm your vote is still correct.

I added in some of my own experience, lowered Group Lead compensation to match other team members, and added the same compensation for a Dev who will are working to recruit.