Discord Moderation and Grouping

We should have Moderator presence in the Discord more consistently. Today there was almost no Moderator presence.

The request:

  • Add a Discord group: “DAO Stewards” that identifies our Stewards as such in the Discord. They would also be moderators/owners (whatever the highest level can be) of the Discord. Stewards should strive to be online whenever possible, even if showing AFK.
  • Add some community members as Moderators of the Discord.
  • Review options for a Discord moderation bot - not sure what’s out there but this could potentially help.

I don’t think this should need a vote, per se, but should be something the Stewards can agree to and implement if they agree.


100% agree. A “DAO Steward” role is certainly a need - especially as many newcomers bop into the Discord with basic questions.

Assuming “Stewards” refers to the explicit names referenced in the DAO announcement? If yes, I can create the role right now and start assigning it to them.

As far as assigning this role to additional people, would like to decide on a process (informal or formal) to do so.

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Yes, that’s what I meant, e.g. isn’t DeFi Dad a Steward? He’s online in there but not showing any special role.

Edit: He was online a moment ago.

Appreciate the quick action on this.