Phonon Alpha Testnet Rewards Proposal

I am outlining a proposal for the participation tasks and the rewards for users participating in the Alpha testnet. The point of the testnet is to test the phonon technology stack, get feedback from users, and identify bugs in any software components. The technology being tested during the testnet will include, the phonon applet, the phonon client, and the phonon wallet. During the testnet debug logs will be turned on by default to allow the collection of data to understand the performance of the network as well as identify any bugs or issues that may arise during testnet. In the service of these goals, the development team has come up with the following tasks for testnet particpants:

  1. Purchase a phonon card or dev kit and setup the phonon client and/or app on their computer. Retrieve the card ID (prior to doing any transactions) and register that ID with an Ethereum address where to send earned testnet rewards. (2,500 Phonons).

  2. Create 10 phonons of 3 different values on Ethereum Rinkeby and Binance Testnet. (5,000)

  3. Identify an independent counterparty using tools in the Phonon discord to send and receive at least 1 phonon. (5,000)

  4. Mine a natives phonon with at least a value of 20 and 24 -bits. (5,000)

  5. Find a counterparty via discord and send a native phonon. (5,000)

  6. Particpate in a throughput test will happen TBD, and send at least 20 phonons to 5 different particpants during the throughput test time window. (10,000)

  7. Find a counterparty via discord and trade a real backed phonon (~$20) for the counterparty providing an physical good or service, documenting the transaction, and sharing on twitter (10,000)


I like it, very granular and focused on important adds.

So we’d be capping this at ~200 participants? Each one with an earnings potential of ~50k PHONON. So total possible payout from the DAO of 10,000,000 PHONON.

Seems pretty reasonable given the importance of test net and getting participants.

Any reason we would want to figure out a way to prevent people from running multiple participants at once? I suppose as long as they’re running the gamut of the test then that’s valuable and maybe no reason to try to stop people from performing the role of multiple testers at once?


Just ordered a testnet kit. I’m in!

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I like it, though I do think it would be a good idea to limit it to one per participant at first. This will give more people currently outside of the dao the opportunity to come in and see what the team has been building. Then if are still spots available say after the first week of testnet then open the remaining spots up to current participants. Could also be a good idea to increase the overall amount as well considering people would be spending $129 of their own money in order to participate. Plus I think if you are able to post on social media that we are rewarding participants ~$1,000 at current value it would drum up a lot of outside interest.

Rewards look good to me. How is the rest of the documentation coming? Are you envisioning GridPlus taking the lead on all of that (announcement, how-tos, other details,etc), or would you need the DAOs help?

Also, how about hosting? Seems like the website may not be ready, would this all be hosted in READMEs on GitHub?

Rewards look good.
I know that a referral was mentioned yesterday on the call. I’m not sure if there was interest in that. I know I would take advantage of that, not sure if others feel the same that it could increase marketing.


I like the idea in theory, but wonder if we would have enough time to implement it.

Not enough time to handle, test and report any bugs…

I concur, although there is no practical way to stop someone from registering several times we should encourage people to only register once