Proposal: Operation Black Dahlia Working Group

Operation Black Dahlia

This is dummy proposal for illustrative purposes

The black dahlia is a flower that represents dishonesty. There is nothing more dishonest than building a complex series of bridges that sit over top of and rely upon existing blockchains, then having the audacity to call that thing “LayerZero.” In this context, I propose to create a working group to plant hundreds of black dahlias outside of LayerZero Labs’ headquarters as an act of protest against their dishonest claims.


According to Chainalysis, more than $1 billion worth of funds have been stolen from crypto bridges. This is about 5% of all funds estimated to be currently locked in bridges. Anyone who thinks their centralized, trusted “solution” is unique is delusional.


  • Plant 100 black dahlia bulbs at LayerZero Labs’ HQ in Vancouver, BC.
  • Plant 100 grown black dahlia flowers at LayerZero Labs’ HQ in Vancouver, BC.
  • Launch a social media campaign to highlight the flowers and LayerZero Labs dishonesty.


This project will be successful when:

  • We plant 100 bulbs and 100 flowers at LayerZero Labs HQ.
  • Our campaign attracts 500 new followers to Twitter and prompts a response from LayerZero Labs.

I do not anticipate the need for formal, intermittent status reports, though we will coordinate transparently in Discord. Upon completion of this project, we will submit a report to the DAO that details our work and expenses. Any unused funds will be sent back to the DAO’s treasury.


I will need a team of four (myself included). This will not be a full-time job for any of the team. I expect to work 4 hours per week, and I expect the rest of my team to work 2-3 hours per week. We will need to coordinate the purchase and shipping of the products to Vancouver. We will need to travel there ourselves, and we’ll need hotels for one overnight. These costs include the labor associated with planting. Budget listed below:

Item Cost
Working Group Lead compensation $2,000
Team Member Compensation $1,000 (x3)
100 Bulbs $800
100 Flowers $2,100
Tools/Equipment $200
Shipping to Vancouver $200
Airfare $10,000
Hotel $850
Promoted Tweets $3,000 $2000
TOTAL $22,150 $21,150

This will not be an ongoing project. Upon receipt of funds, I anticipate we can complete the project in 6 weeks. We will establish a three-address multisig for funds.

Working Group Lead Information

  • Discord Handle: ShadowySupercoder#1337
  • Involvement thus far in the Phonon DAO: I heard what I can only describe as a life-changing Twitter Space about Phonon DAO governance, and I just knew I had to get involved right then and there. Though I am relatively new, I have already coordinated with three other DAO members who agree with me that this campaign is important to the success of the Phonon network.

This working group is needed now because LayerZero is infringing on our market with their false claims. We must act now to change the narrative. This working group does not fit into the Strategic Plan at this time, but I think this is a mistake. The DAO’s strategic plan must include acknowledgement of the importance of environmentally conscientious protest, especially against those whose actions are harmful to the web3 movement, and as a Working Group Lead, I will work to ensure this happens.

Thank you for taking the time to read my proposal. I welcome your feedback going forward!


EDIT April 11, 2022: Based on feedback from the DAO, I am lowering the promoted tweets budget to $2,000.

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Just realized this was a dummy proposal.