Phonon X Hats Finance : Multisig Creation and Hacker Bounties

EDIT: 09/28/2022

This multisig is now composed of three people | @deviator. @mickey and myself w/ at least 2 sigs required in order to move funds.

As divulged earlier today within the meeting:

Mick and I are formally requesting:

  • 1,755,000 - (Combined Bonus Rewards pending Completion of both Testnet Bonus Incentives).
  • To be sent to the multisig (M of N = 2/2)
    Which will be hooked up directly to the interface so that we can initiate the Hats.Finance Bounty Program where over 4K (web2+web3) hackers will attempt to break phonon.

We have already discussed this extensively in house - yet, futher documentation is also available within the links below:

Once again the Rewards total (1,755,000 Phonon) is the combined amount of both Bonus Bounties.

Hoping that we can get enough traction on this so that the snapshot can be approved and we can initiate the program on Monday(26th)

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this will help establish a long term relationship with hats, and will allow us to give vested governance tokens to talented technical people who can help with the protocol over the long term.

Who is on this multisig? how many people total and how many people need to approve the transaction.

If the bounty is not achieved when and how will the funds be returned?

As stated

2 people/2sigs (Mick and Myself).
Both signatures are needed in order for any txn to be approved.

All the information is within the first page of hat’s finance documentation links which i’ve posted tues.

If you’d also like to be on the multisig and part of the Bug Bounty Committee … lmk

Think we should definitely add a couple people to the muiltisig, who will be triaging for Dan/Nate most likely.

Trying to get nate or dan to be a part of this … in case they can’t - i’d love it if you could be a part of this tuesdays…
If anyone else would like to hop on…please say the word.
@Reddest_Rooster @Phononymous @hinchy @Senor @nate @deviator

Hey I’m happy to be a part of this multisig.

Seems responsibility for validating that the bounties have been completed is going to fall to me anyway, so think having me on there to approve the release of rewards makes a lot of sense.


We’ll hash it out in the morning then !
thx d