Comms Working Group Proposal

Over the past few weeks the Comms team has worked together to form a proposal for our efforts through the end of the year. Big thanks to Rake, Andrew, PG, Rooster, Peebo, Rush and Clamato for helping draft this proposal,

Please review this blog post for background, as well as defined terms, budget and governance structure.

The Comms Team is Requesting a budget for critical items for the DAO including a Website, DAO Design Language, Coordination Tools, Discord + Social Management, Foundational Documents, Coordination PR & Events.

Comms Team Proposal

Defining Organizational Terms:

Below are the terms which will be the building blocks of the comms structure. Before explaining the budget, structure and organization, I thought it would be prudent to explain each of the key elements of the Comms org structure.


We propose a structure similar to our pre-launch tasks, where a budget is defined broadly and tasks are outlined in the form of bounties. Payment for these bounties can be made in the form of $Phonon, and managed via a DAO tool like DeWork.

Made Phonons:

In addition to payment in the form of $Phonon in bounties, we propose that people who complete bounties or tasks be allowed to purchase discounted vested tokens (or options) from the DAO treasury. This will ensure long-term relationships with the DAO and incentives for people to stick around and participate in a meaningful way.

The total vested token’s are defined by a simple formula:

(Total Bounty Paid) * (Option Multiple) = Total Available Governance Options for Purchase.

Total Bounty Paid: The amount of Bounty paid to complete a task.

Option Multiple: Is the multiplier which determines the ratio of amount of bounty paid to the amount of options available to buy. This multiple is defined by the Comms leadership (more on this later).

Phonon Basis: Is the spot price at the time the budget for Comms is submitted for approval.

Discount: The discount rate from the Phonon Basis


Mary completes $100 worth of white paper bounties.

The option multiple is 2x. The Phonon basis is $1, and the Discount is 50%.

Given that Mary has claimed $100 worth of bounties, Mary may purchase up to $200 worth of Phonon from the Treasury.

Mary decides to activate her option 3 months later, and purchases 400 Phonons at a discounted price of $0.50 per Phonon.


The reason “Made” phonons are called “made” is because I am modeling comms a little bit like the Mafia in the United States in the late 1920s. Everyone can participate in comms, everyone can help, but there are special rewards for completing noteworthy tasks. To claim them, You have to get “made”, and getting made means doing something for the DAO. Once you are made, you have access to options you can execute within a defined period of time.

Commsiglieres are the multi-sig signers of the Comms team. This family of members ensures that the DAO has a strong leadership group representing the various territories of the Comms teams: Bots, Dao Tools, Web, Social and Outreach. The 7 Commsiglieres are selected from the members which complete the most bounties in the previous Epoch, although the first 5 signers will be picked from active community members since our bounties have not yet been established.

The first 7 Members will be Hunt, Rake, Rush, Clamato, Tuesdays, Banan, & Mickey

Transactions will require 4 of the 7 to process, with members recusing themselves in the event of large (over $10,000) transactions going towards themselves.


The role of the Commsfather is to outline the strategic vision and mission for each Comms Epoch, and to ensure all the comms tasks are happening on time and at the standard required. The Commsfather must provide a strategic mission document with a spreadsheet outlining budget, tasks and timelines. This role cannot claim any bounties.

I am putting my hat in the ring to be the Commsfather until the end of the year (when the governance cycle ends).

Made Member

Made Members are people who accomplish significant tasks for the DAO comms team, Made Members are eligible for discounted DAO token options, and to be members of the multi-sig.


Associates are people who help the DAO with smaller tasks, you must be an associate to be a Made Member. This is mostly for new people who join the DAO, as everyone in Comms has already gone above and beyond.

Below is the structure, budget, model for the team, compensation and Made Phonons


The comms team is essentially a bucket of bounties and rewards for accomplishing them. I suggest that the Comms be run in according to the governance schedule, with the Commsfather providing direction, administrative oversight, and Commsiglieres providing multi-sig oversight. Mob Members join up based on the bounties listed on the DAO Tools.

The Commsfather is responsible for creating a budget, submitting it to snapshot, and ensuring funds are moved into a multi-sig. The initial multi-sig will necessarily be made up of 5 people who are active in the community, but future multi-sigs should be made up of the people who have accomplished the most tasks for the DAO, along with the commsfather.

Bounties are proposed by the Commsfather, and sent via the multi-sig which is controlled by the Commsiglieres. They can be changed and updated as necessary.

The Commsfather is responsible for helping to coordinate tasks, to ensure members accomplish the goals and to ensure the team members receive compensation from the budget.

Anyone (other than the Commsfather) can take take down a bounty, and get “Made”.

The leadership structure of the Comms Team made up of Mickey (Commsfather), and 7 Multi-sigs Rake, Clamato, Rush, Hunt, Banan, Mickey & Dan (Commsiglieres) will ensure leadership is clearly defined.

Mickey will propose a budget, set goals, outline bounties and define the mission for Comms up until Dec 31st 2022.

Any individual or Team seeking to take down a bounty will submit a proposal to the Commsigliere’s who will select the bounty awardee.

Awardees will then work with Mickey to meet timelines, milestones and deliverables. Payment is processed when the Multi-sig accepts deliverables on behalf of the DAO.


In preparation for the launch of full Comms, I have written a budget, The budget written is broken down into two parts:

Internal Comms : (Bots, DAO Tools, Onboarding, Discord, Documentation)

External Comms: (Website, Social Media, Whitepaper(s), Investor Relations, Yellowpaper(s), Design, Art, UX/UI)

The Total Request for the Bounty budget is $230,000

The $230,000 Is broken down as follows:
$155,000 in Phonon DAO Tokens
$75,000 in Stablecoins (To pay outside contributors)

Goals and Budget Breakdown

  1. Complete a polished, world-class Phonon Website, one that combines the talent of the DAO with the world’s best design talent. ($50,000) (Phonon DAO has selected designer Ian Bradley (ex Apple, Marvel, Mastercard, Game of Thrones) as the lead designer , working with Rush)
  2. Complete a style guide, design language, card designs and cohesive branding for the DAO so that cards, websites, apps, wallets and all products of the DAO feel resemblant, cohesive and beautiful. ($50,000) (Ian Bradley will work with Mickey, Rush, Banan, Rake)
  3. Implement and manage DAO tools, Discord (Bots), Social Media. ($70,000)
  4. Boost Phonon’s presence by booking Podcasts, publications and social events. ($20,000)
  5. Complete documentation for the DAO, including: Whitepapers, Yellowpapers, Investment Documents. ($10,000)
  6. Coordination & Project Management (Commsiglieres+Commsfather) ($30,000)


[Comms Budget Model]

A poll was taken in comms and a 3x Multiple for options was requested.

The Total Request for Made Phonons from bounties (available for Purchase) is $690,000 (a 3x Multiple, paid in Phonon). Net possible cost (if all made phonons are claimed) is capped at $529,000 (paid in Phonons) because these are purchased according the the formula listed in the Medium article.

In Addition I am requesting to be able to purchase up $100,000 of Made Phonons under the same vesting and discount (but without the multiple) for my work until December, costing the DAO $70,000 Net.

I suggest these bounties be sent initially from the DAO multi-sig, and then paid back from the unclaimed GRID tokens.

  • I approve of this Plan
  • I do not approve of this plan
  • I would like to see some changes made

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