FUTO Fellowship Application

FUTO is an independent software lab and grant/investment fund dedicated to the development of open-source software that returns control of technology back to users and creators.

They are launching a fellowship program that offers:
up to $80,000 in funding, round-trip airfare to Austin, free housing for three months, access to a top-notch incubator space, expert mentorship, and more, all to work on anti-tech oligopoly software that empowers users!

Application deadline is Jan 1. Late start for us, and I’m gonna be mostly out of comms til the 28th, but we can get this done for sure, and the program seems tailor made to suit phonon.

Applicants are asked to email a CV and 500–1000 word description of their project to grantapps@futo.org. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to interview with FUTO staff at our Austin offices or, if the candidate is outside Central Texas, via video chat. Please apply by 2023 Jan 1.

I already live in Austin, and probably am not the person whose CV we want the grant folks to read first. Are there 3-5 people here who want to work on Phonon full time in Austin from Feb 1 to May 1 of 2023? Make yourselves known!

Here are the questions they will look at when they select fellows:

  1. What is your project? Provide a link to more detailed information if it exists.
  2. How will your project reduce the harm that the Tech Oligopoly inflicts upon the people?
  3. How and when do you expect to publish the work resulting from your project?
  4. What have you finished or accomplished so far?
  5. Who is the target user of your work?
  6. What do you plan to do with copyrights and patents resulting from your project?
  7. How will you measure the success of your project? Please be as specific as possible.
  8. How would you rate your chances of success?
  9. What resources can the FUTO organization provide to assist?
  10. What resources have you been provided before if any, and from what donors?

I’ll be working on this over the next few days, but help is always welcome and appreciated.

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le draft
Phonon is an open source protocol that enables the peer-to-peer, off-chain transfer of almost any digital asset. It turns existing cryptocurrency into a true digital bearer asset, uncensorable and private in a way that blockchains can never be. It represents a chance to build an open-source ecosystem that allows on-chain value to integrate with real life in the same way as cash.

The project is in beta. Security testing is the top priority. Also important is a quality API so other projects can leverage the protocol to fill critical gaps in the capability of public blockchains to serve users.

Success at its highest degree looks like a world financial system run through open-source architecture that ensures security and privacy. A great many services must be built on Phonon to achieve this, essentially the entire payments industry will find ways to translate what they do through the secure phonon layer, because it is able to be that much more efficient than either a blockchain or a centralized processor like VISA.