Stances, Postures, General Dispositions

Here we are at the crack of doom.

In the hands of this DAO, a tool of true invisibility. How will we wield it?

As much as this is a project to expand privacy, this is a community of individual people as well. I’m going to take a moment and bless this endeavor and everyone involved with every bit of magic I’ve got in the tank.

The launch coincides with an astrologically significant solar eclipse, a changing of house and a shift in balance. As above, so below, if you’re into that…and that brings me to my point here.

Who are we, and what do we stand for?

At this point in the show, I’m pretty sure everyone involved is going to agree about some general statements about privacy, individual rights, dissatisfaction with systemic failure, and perhaps belief that we can build a world that is so, so much better if we wield our tools well.

The more we know where our goals and ideals overlap, the more effectively we can organize this project along lines that serve best.

I’m interested to learn more about the individuals that make up this community, and this post is to explore ways to accomplish that.

From the top of my head, here is a list of things I’ve so far wonderd about the rest of you people:

diet and exercise
urban vs rural
purely rational world vs “woo woo everything is magic”
language fluency
computer fluency
Lord of the Rings lore fluency
have you ever killed something and eaten it?

I’m not querying the DAO for these subjects, just hoping to spark a conversation on how we can figure out what our community is all about. Some kind of general survey seems like an easy first step, a few statements with degrees of agree/disagree would be simple enough, and interesting to track over time as the project grows.

What’s the word, DAO?

Always blessed to be here with yall, at the cracks where the light shines through,
Reddest Rooster


We walk different paths but always towards the same outcome.

We are here for the promise of the phonon technology stack. Though few who enter these here dungeons will understand the potential capability that the lattice1+phonon will bring upon this world. Crypto has changed with the advent of phonon.

Phon/ongod will expand on the above in the coming months. The gospel of phonon must be told.

have you ever killed something and eaten it?

The most important question you posit, by far. Every bait phon/ongod has ever fished with they have also consumed. Crickets, eel, spearing, squid, worms … the list goes on.
If it is sufficient for thy target, should one not desire to experience it as well?
What are the implications of this truth?